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Joanne Fluke - Double Fudge Brownie Murder

Book 18 in the Hannah Swensen series, published February 24, 2015.
Genre: cozy mystery with lots of recipes
Cover: my book has a lovely red color instead of this hard orange.

Double Fudge Brownie Murder photo 51TbA3NagAL.SX316_zpss9skkzuz.jpg

Life in Lake Eden, Minnesota, is usually pleasantly uneventful. Lately, though, it seems everyone has more than their fair share of drama to manage. With so much on her plate, Hannah Swensen can barely find the time to think about her bakery - let alone the town's most recent murder...Hannah is nervous about the upcoming trial for her involvement in a tragic accident. She's eager to clear her name once and for all, but her troubles only double when she finds the judge bludgeoned to death with his own gavel. Now Hannah is the number-one suspect. As she sets out in search of the culprit she discovers that the judge made more than a few enemies during his career. With time running out, Hannah will have to whip up her most clever recipe yet to find a killer more elusive than the perfect brownie...

Well, my perfect brownie has no nuts in it! I prefer my chocolate undiluted …
A good story in this long running series, and finally, finally an ending to the infernal love triangle, and just the ending I have wanted for at least the last 10 books. So that makes me happy.
It is a series I love to read, as I do enjoy the large cast of characters and the not so easy murders that need solving. And if you love to bake, you should buy these books for the recipes alone.

9 stars.

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4 opmerkingen:

  1. No nuts? Always nuts. LOL

    This sounds like a good cozy. I need to read a book by her!

    1. No, no nuts in my chocolate please ;) The first book is made into a movie I think.

  2. I like nuts in my brownies, I like the added crunch! ;-)

    It's great the lovetriangle was finally solved. I read several books of this series, but liked it not well enough to follow.

    I'll have to copy the recepes from your books!