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Laurell K. Hamilton - Dancing

Book 22.5 in the Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter series, published September 17, 2013.
Genre: urban fantasy
Cover: strange

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For most people, summer barbecues are nothing to be afraid of. But Anita isn't exactly plain vanilla - and neither is her love life. So it takes a special kind of courage to attend a barbecue thrown by her friend Sergeant Zerbrowski. Walking into a backyard full of cops and their families with wereleopards Micah and Nathaniel both looking gorgeous on her arm won't be easy, even with almost-four-year-old Matthew Vespucci to break the ice ...
Anita is determined to have a good time with her family, just like everyone else. But it doesn't take long for tensions to rise among the adults and kids. And Anita will learn that gossip and innuendo can be just as dangerous as anything the undead can throw at her ...

A lovely little story in between other books, and I want to thank my best friend Freya again for gifting it to me. I enjoyed it a lot. And can you imagine, no sex scenes at all in this book, only some kissing.
Troubles with some woman who recognize Nathaniel, and trouble for little Matthew when some other little boy tells him his fathers opinions on gay people … But in the end, the children and adults are dancing …

8 stars.

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