zaterdag 9 oktober 2010

Anne McCaffrey and Elizabeth Anne Scarborough – Deluge

Book three in the Twins of Petaybee trilogy.

InterGal Corporation has long desired to exploit the resource-rich Petaybee. But the planet and its guardians, led by Yana Maddock and Sean Shongili, along with their twin children, Ronan and Murel, have successfully thwarted every attempt by the Corporation to impose its iron-fisted dominion. Until now. With a bold move, InterGal’s military arm has dispatched an invading force to subdue the planet once and for all.

While their parents work to foil the assault, Ronan and Murel are captured and sent to a desolate prison world where an old enemy, Dr. Mabo, waits to continue her cruel experiments on the shape-changing siblings. The twins only hope of escape lies in the uncharted seas of the prison planet. But in the murky depths, something else is waiting …

In the previous book, Marmee is taken prisoner and her space ship is confiscated. While the adults are making plans to escape imprisonment, the children swim out the sea to ask the deep sea otters for help. They receive a lift to Marmee’s space station so they can ask her people for help. Unfortunately, they are too late as the station is being seized by federation troops and everyone on it is arrested and transported to the same prison planet, including all the children present and one space otter. So Ronan and Murel are captured after all.

The children are separated from the adults and transported to an island near the volcano. There they are starved and indoctrinated into joining the federation corps. Ronan and Murel manage to escape, but nothing good comes of it. They are almost eaten by giant squids, captured by a fishing vessel, and when they manage to get back to the island, very tired and hurting, Ronan is captured by Dr. Mabo, who at once begins her experiments on him.
Meanwhile, Sky is in the prison with the adults, where he meets Zuzu, the cat from Marmee’s first officer. Together they wreak havoc in the prison, saving Adrienne from being tortured. A soldier helps Marmee and Adrienne flee the prison, but then more things go wrong.
The alien space ship lands in the ocean, causing massive floods, and the volcano to erupt. So with the choice of drowning or burning to death, rescue is very much needed.

A really nice ending to a great series. I am very sorry this was the last one, as I enjoyed it all very much. I love the interaction with all the different animals, the maturing of the children. How Petaybee rescues Yana just in time, almost even before it happens Sean knows he has to hurry back home.

I really hope there will be more books, perhaps of the adult Murel and Ronan, and Sky of course. I wouldn’t mind visiting Petaybee myself, even though I am not much of a cold weather person.

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