donderdag 14 oktober 2010

Jayne Ann Krentz – The main attraction

With the headache I am having, you need something easy to read. So I choose one of my old favourites, a contemporary romance. Mind you, it is written in 1987, so the hero is way too overbearing for my taste! The cover of my book is much nicer than this one, and it has a beautiful stepcover.

The main attraction

You can never go home again.

But Filomena Cromwell does – to small-minded Gallant Lake. Ten years earlier, mousy, overweight Filomena had left in absolute disgrace. Now rich and gorgeous, she wants her sweet, sweet revenge …

Soon she has her ex-fiancée, who cheated on her with an other woman, chasing her all over town. And he isn’t the only one. Filomenta lets Trent Ravinder catch her. Can she control the fireworks she’s set into motion?

Filomena is a short redheaded woman, totally the opposite of her big family. Shy and overweight in highschool, she never got a date to the prom. So when in her freshman’s year in college, the attracted the interest of Brady Paxton, she was quick to fall in love with him and become engaged. But the shock of finding him in bed with Gloria, her nemesis all through highschool, has cured her of that very fast. She fled Gallant Lake, vowing never to come back or to marry.

With a friend, who is also short, she set up a business, designing clothes for short women. And it has become a huge success. Travelling all over the world gave her confidence and style, she has lost a lot of pounds, and looks gorgeous. Especially in the outrageous sexy clothes they design.

So now Filomena has come back to town for her sisters wedding, determined to make everyone take notice of her, and to flaunt her success in their faces. And she succeeds. Brady and Gloria have difficulties in their marriage, and Brady is very eager to start again with Filomena. But of course she wants nothing whatsoever to do with him. When he sees the interest Trent Ravinder has in her, he sees a nice business proposition. Trent works for a large development firm, and Brady is determined to find out which piece of land Trent is interested in, so he can make his fortune selling it to the man.

But Trent is just on an extended vacation and not looking for a piece of land. The past year he has decided he needs a wife, and spent a lot of time looking for one. But no matter how much he dated, it never clicked. And now, when he first sees Filomena, he knows she is the one. Now he just has to convince her of that fact, and make her fall in love with him. Trent is just as big as the rest of her family, and Filomena really dislikes having a man tower over her, taking advantage of his physical strengths over her. So she does her best to evade him, even though her whole family seems to push them together. They are worried she will cause a scene, and think Trent will keep her out of trouble.

Well, so does he for that matter, he thinks she needs a man to handle her, keep her in check and such. But Filomena is not a pushover, and she won’t allow him to handle her life. He has a very strict sense of honor, she has to believe him on his word that he never lies, she has to trust him. But that trust certainly doesn’t go both ways, and in the end, that lack of trust, the demand she proves her love for him, is what almost puts an end to their budding relationship.

As I said, a nice romance novel. As it is written in the ‘80s, the man sure made my hair stand on end, with his highhanded manners. Just grabbing her, preventing her from walking away and stuff, I hate that. But for the rest, the story is filled with humor and love, and family. Just as I like my Jayne Ann Krentz books.

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