zaterdag 20 oktober 2012

Gini Koch - The Royal Scam

The first novella in the Martian Alliance, published October 16, 2011.
Genre: sci fi / sci fi romance
Cover: fun

The Royal Scam

Things aren’t what they seem to be when Princess Olivia of Andromeda jumps aboard a spaceship to escape a loveless marriage.

Another very short story, and another I enjoyed. When it started, I thought I knew what was happening, but I was wrong. Of course I love to be wrong, cause knowing what would be happening would make me bored quickly. The reader gets introduced to the crew of the spaceship very briefly, and they are sure a motley crew, all kinds of alien races, and only a few humanoids, or rather Martians. A good plot, some action, lots of casino’s and of course Gini Koch humor. I do recommend this if you are in the mood for a quickie.

8 stars

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  1. Novella 2 should be out...I did get an email from the published but I have I am so overbooked..then I thought of you?

  2. Oh I didn't know this one, but I really have to start something by this author.

  3. I just heard about the second novella a week ago, which brought my attention to this novella series all together. I do want to get it. Sounds like one I'd love. :) Thank you!