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Karen Marie Moning – Shadowfever

The fifth book in the MacKayla Lane series, published July 6, 2011.
Genre: urban fantasy
Cover: very nice, and my book has this cover.


There is no blurb on this book.

With her protector death, Mac has no choice but to go on. She has learned that the Lord Master has tattooed her, just like Barrons has, so he can find her, and he is coming for her. She has no choice but to bury her heart, and pretend to want to become friends. She will find him the Sinsar Dubh, and he will grant her one spell.
Together, they find the White Mansion, the house the Unseelie King build for his mistress, a mansion that is everchanging inside. But Mac knows it, she has dreamt about it all her life, of the treasures within, and the sad lady. The memories are still alive, of their great love. Mac ends up in their bedroom, and almost crosses over to the Dark side, when Darroc saves her. Only the Dark King and the Concubine can cross that Silver. For all others it means death.

When they are finally back in Dublin, many weeks have passed. Dani is living on her own now, finding ways to kill the shades and get the few remaining people up in arms as well.
Darroc has found a way to make the Sinsar Dubh obey him, and Mac needs to find out how. When she does, she will kill him. Unfortunately, he is killed by the biggest Hunter of all, before she can find out his secret, and she is whisked away by Barrons …
The Book is actively seeking Mac out now, trying to learn her, find out about her, and kill those close to her. Luckily, her parents are under protection of Barrons friends.

Still, she is afraid of who she is, and of the prophecy that tells her she is the one to destroy the Earth. But they will have to confront the Book sooner of later and imprison it again, needing all the MacKeltars, the four stones and the sidhe seers.

The ending of this epic series was, well, epic. Amazing. I never could have guessed it all. I am very happy that I finally finished the series. I am also looking forward to reading Iced, Dani’s book. I enjoyed her in this series. I admit, I was hoping for a bit more private lives of the MacKeltars, as I love their own books.

Needless to say, you have to read this series in order!

10 stars

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  1. I love this series to pieces! Shadowfever was amazing! If you want more of the MacKelter's read her highlander series. It's very, very, different then this series though.

    1. The fact that I loved her MacKeltars is the only reason I started those books, I wanted more of them!

  2. totally agree there were a lot of wonderful ideas and I loved this book.

  3. I am now totally behind you. I have this book (in hardcover even) staring at me from across the room. I so need to dive into this series again!

  4. Yeah...totally have to read these books in order. lol I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your reviews for these. Iced is out in just days woot!

  5. *nailbiting going on*

    Yes I should read more

  6. I haven't started this series yet. I'm missing out!

    1. I could not really get into the first book, but I am happy I persevered Diana.

  7. I'm also very curious about Iced.

  8. I am counting down to Iced (only a few more days) that being said because I was never much of a Mac fan, I was torn in ShadowFever. I like Dani (I know i am in the minority) and hated how Mac treated her.


    1. Yes. I also enjoyed Dani. I want to know more about her, and how she ended up in the Abby.