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Faith Hunter – Blood Trade

The sixth book in the Jane Yellowrock series, published April 2, 2013.
Genre: urban fantasy
Cover: strong. I still like it.

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Jane Yellowrock is a shape-shifting skinwalker who's always up for a fight - even if it means putting her life on the line...

The Master of Natchez, Mississippi has a nasty problem on his hands. Rogue vampires - those who follow the Naturaleza and believe that humans should be nothing more than prey to be hunted - are terrorizing his city. Luckily, he knows the perfect skinwalker to call in to take back the streets.
But what he doesn't tell Jane is that there's something different about these vamps. Something that makes them harder to kill - even for a pro like Jane. Now, her simple job has turned into a fight to stay alive...and to protect the desperately ill child left in her care.

To get away from Leo Pelissier for a while, after the forcing his blood bond on her (which is rape in my book) Jane accepts a job with the Master of Natchez. It is still in Leo's territory, so he can't forbid her to go. Hieronymus and his vampires are still in need of the vaccine, and to get rid of the masterless vampires Death's Rival left behind when Jane killed him in the previous book. So Jane takes the job against Leo's wishes, and leaves New Orleans with her two co/workers, the Young brothers. The Kid is the brains, and a genius with computers who makes Reach work hard for his money, while Eli is the brawn of the team and a weapon expert. Jane enjoys living with them, but they did not enjoy living with Jane for the last month, as she was really depressed and bitchy.

But thanks to Reach, she has a new purpose and she likes getting out of Leo´s direct sight after what he has done to her in the previous book. He can´t forbid her to go either, as it is his duty as Blood Master of the southern USA to take care of the vampires sworn to him, and so it is her duty as well. She will bring them the vaccine, and hunt the Naturaleza vampires that are killing so many humans. But Reach has something else for her as well, he had made an appointment for her in Natchez with a reporter who wants to do a book about vampires. And Jane knows this reporter from her days in the children’s institution. She´s really not interested, until she finds out that Misha will be bringing Bobby with her, a really sweet kid Jane was protecting back then.

When Jane shows up for her appointment, she doesn’t find Misha though. She does find Bobby babysitting a very sick girl, and a letter asking her to take care of them. Misha had an appointment with a vampire who would give her some information, but she never came back.

What follows is a very action packed story again, with Jane searching for her missing friend and the Naturaleza, and trying to find out who their new leader is, since she killed their former one. Bruiser shows up to help Jane, and so do Rick and his new team. But Jane keeps refusing Bruiser, and it is not safe for Rick and her to have sex, as Rick would contaminate her with the shifter virus. As a skinwalker, she is not safe from catching big cat lycanthropy.

I love this series. Both Jane and Beast are cool and down to earth and kick ass. Beast is a great hunter, and sometimes she takes charge over Jane. Jane´s personal life is certainly not easy, but I like how she handles everything and tries to do her job the best she can, regardless of personal danger and problems. Bruiser has changed though, after almost dying in the previous book, he is no longer Leo’s scion, he has become something more. Still, I don’t trust or like him for Jane, and I hope there will be a solution for Rick soon, as I do like him. He genuinely cares for Jane, which I cannot believe of Leo or Bruiser. They just want power.

A great series, I will wait very impatiently for the next book to be published. I do recommend it to everyone who enjoys Urban Fantasy.

10 stars.

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  1. This series sounds so good, and a 10 review..woot, I love the cover on this one,

  2. Darn it! You have me wanting to dive back into the series very soon!!!

  3. Hmm.. sounds like I made the right decision to stop after book 3. I'm a Bruiser fan.

    1. No, start reading again Sullivan, such a great series. And I often dislike a guy lots of people are a fan of. So don't listen to me! Just read them :)

  4. oh you're reading all the books in the series, that's great!

    1. Yes, I glommed them all Melliane, now the wait is horrible.