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Heather Graham - Ghost Shadow

The first book in the Bone Island Trilogy series, published June 29, 2010.
Genre: paranormal romance
Cover: gloomy

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There are those who walk among us, no longer alive, but not yet crossed over. They seek retribution, vengeance, or to warn us. And among the living, few can even intuit their presence.
Katie O'Hara is one who can.
As she finds herself drawn deeper and deeper into a gruesome years old murder, whispered warnings from a spectral friend become more and more insistent. But Katie it compelled to discover the truth. Could David Beckett really be responsible for his fiancée's murder?
And worse. Is David, the man she is compelled to turn to for help, responsible for the body count rising in the Island of bones? A place where, as in the past, the dead are posed in macabre tableaux from the history.
Katie knows that the danger is increasing by the moment - especially as she finds herself irresistibly drawn to David. His fiancée's murder wasn't the last... and Katie's could be next.

Even though her books scare me (I have to read them in the afternoon, when the sun is shining), I can't resist reading them. Heather Graham has a way with words; she makes me see the streets where our heroine is walking, feel a part of the story myself. And yes, this one was creepy.
10 years ago, a young woman was found murdered, and placed in a tableau in some sort of wax museum, but with automatons. Her former fiancée was of course the main suspect, but his influential family vouched for his whereabouts during the time of the murder. Another suspect was never apprehended. And now David is back, just in time to prevent the sale of the museum to Katie O'Hara, who wants to reopen it. She loves the history of the place, and the masterful tableaux picturing important scenes. And while David is back in his home town, he is determined to find out who killed Tanya. His cousin is a detective on the police force, and he will help him to get his hands on the old case file and study everything.

But someone is not happy that David is pack, the prodigal son has come home. He wants David suffering, and in prison for a crime he did not commit. So, time for another set up …

Other players from back then have returned as well, like Tanya's brother, and Katie's brother, and Tanya's last boyfriend after she broke up with David … Could anyone of those men be the killer? When more people are murdered, and left behind in other historical significant places, David and Katie must join forces and find the real killer before it is too late. And Katie will have to hide her gift to talk to ghosts from David, as he absolutely does not believe in ghosts and other paranormal phenomena. But Katie's best friend is a ghost, and Bartholomew is determined to protect Katie and as he grows more powerful, he can make his presence known to other people as well…

A very scenic place for this series, but I really don't think I want to visit there! Yes, it was creepy, and full of tourists, and I did like Katie. She really had to struggle to hide her gift of seeing and talking to ghosts from other people. She has invented Katie-oke (karaoke) in her uncle's bar, and she a very nice girl. David used to be friends with her big brother, but after what happened, that stopped. And now David has to learn to see her as a woman grown, and no longer his friends little sister. There is a kind of taboo to that, sleeping with your friends' sister, but he is really attracted to Katie.
And Katie doesn't head the warnings from her friends and brother either, that he might me the killer after all. She doesn't believe so, and she really likes David. But can he believe in her and her gift?

A good story, very interesting back ground, and great characters. I do wonder if her brother will be a hero in the next book(s).
If you like creepy, and ghosts, go read some of Heather Graham's paranormal romance books. You will like them.

8 stars.

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    1. She has written a lot, but I think you might actually like one of these paranormals.

  2. One day I'll try her books. I've got several in ebook and one in paper.