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Yasmine Galenorn - Flight from Death

The first book, second story in the Fly By Night series, published July 7, 2015.
Genre: urban fantasy
Cover: good

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From "New York Times" bestselling author Yasmine Galenorn comes an all-new series set in the realm of her Otherworld novels.

I'm Shimmer, a blue dragon shifter. Thanks to a mistake, I was exiled from the Dragon Reaches and sentenced to work for Alex Radcliffe, a vampire who owns the Fly by Night Magical Investigations Agency. Now, not only do I have to adapt to Earthside culture, but every time I turn around, somebody s trying to kill us. And worse, Alex is as gorgeous as he is exasperating. But you know what they say: All s fair in love and bounty hunting.
When an old friend of Alex contacts him about a haunting at the High Tide Bed & Breakfast in Port Townsend, Washington, we think we re on a simple ghost hunt. But our investigation quickly transforms into a deadly fight as we uncover an eighty-year-old murder, a cursed house, and a dark force trapping the spirits within. To stop impending disaster we must break the curse and lay the angry spirits to rest

I've recently read the prequel novella Flight from Hell, and I was really anticipating reading this first full length novel, and get to know Shimmer better. She was introduced in the novella, but not the leading lady. In this one, she is, and with her co-workers from the Fly by Night Agency.

I really liked Shimmer, she is a blue dragon, and banished from the Dragon Reaches for 5 years. She has to learn to live between humans, and although the Fae and supes are out of the closet, the Dragons are not, so she best keep herself a secret, especially with all the hate groups crawling out of the woodwork lately. But even in human form, she won't be easy to kill. She has made a friend, and is learning to deal with humans. But she misses the ocean a lot. As a water dragon, it is essential for her wellbeing, a part of her soul.

I also like her coworkers a lot, I am very intrigued by them. A melusine, a vampire, a werewolf (who faints when his human form sees blood) and now a dragon. Alex has just finally broken up with his girlfriend, who was a succubus. So now he is free to pursue the attraction between himself and Shimmer. But first, the case.
An old friend of Alex has asked for his help, as his new Bed and Breakfast is haunted badly. The way things are going, he will never be able to open the place for the public. Port Townsend does sound intriguing and scary all at the same time. A lot of bad things happened there, giving it a creepy atmosphere. And Yasmine creates a new for me paranormal scary thing, and it sure made this story unique and intriguing. I enjoyed every minute of it.

I do love this new series, and hope there are many more books to come. The mystery was a good one, really scary at times, and the personal relationships are looking good as well. Yasmine Galenorn really blends all the elements well, and I love how she keeps introducing new or lesser known paranormal beings into her stories. It is fresh and original and a bit dark perhaps.

9 stars.

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  1. I don't mind dark at all so I should be good with these books. :)

  2. I was curious about this one as it's a new series but I'm anxious because I'm usually mixed by her books.

    1. It is a whole new series Melliane, but it does have love scenes.

  3. You could start with this series Felicia, easy to catch up with!

  4. Sounds like a good series to get to know this writer. I do love dragons! 😜

  5. This sounds like a good way to get to know this writer. And I do love dragons!