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Sharon Lathan - The trouble with Mr. Darcy

The sixth book in the Mr & Mrs Fitzwilliam Darcy series, published April 1, 2011.
Genre: pride and prejudice variation/historical romance
Cover: nice, but I just see Colin Firth instead of this model.

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Sensual, happy, and steeped in all the luxuries of the lavish Regency period, Darcy and Elizabeth must still face the many challenges dat every married couple confronts after the honeymoon is over. Just as the most intense issues of their marriage begins to arise, George Wickham returns to Hertfordshire bent on creating trouble. Knowing Darcy as long as he has, Wickham knows just how to strike at his vulnerabilities. But Wickham is only a pawn for someone even more unscrupulous than he is - and much more powerful.
When everything Darcy cherishes most is thrown into deadly danger, and knowing that Wickham has nothing left to lose, Darcy must confront his enemy and his own demons at the same time.

I never thought I would enjoy Pride and Prejudice retellings, or variations, but I do. I guess the one book (okay, I mean the BBC mini-series) is just not enough for me, I want more. And I do enjoy this series especially, as it continues after the marriage ceremony. Elizabeth and Darcy are madly in love, and have to deal with every day things, like running the household and the business, but they do have plenty of time for each other, and their children.
Darcy's uncle George is back home from India, he is a physician and lives with them, and his expertise really comes in handy again, when Elizabeth suffers from a severe depression after the birth of her second son. But she does get over it, and they are closer than ever before.

Her younger sister Kitty is getting married in this book, the last of the Bennett girls to do that, to a worthy military man! But the Wickhams suddenly decide to be there as well, and that is bound for unpleasant encounters. Because Wickham really is up to no good, and he has evil plans for Darcy and his family.

Of course, in the end, Darcy triumphs, and I so loved that part of the book!

Darcy is portrayed as a very emotional man, who loves his family desperately, and will do anything for them, but he keeps himself under a very rigid control around outsiders. He is a wonderful involved father and husband, and I just enjoy reading about them.
Elizabeth is still a somewhat free spirit, and she enjoys needling Lady Catherine, and other people who need it and don't get it.
Caroline Bingley is still a mostly unpleasant woman, married to an even more unpleasant man, but a titled one! And all the friends and family frequently join together for events, like picknicks in Hyde Park, and for Easter events. It was really fun to read about, and I do recommend this series if you also want more of the Darcy's.

Yes, it did tug on my heart strings at times, and there are plenty of hot love scenes between them. I do read this series totally out of order, as I only have a few of them, but I don’t mind at all.

8 stars.

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  1. P&P retelling? You need not say more. :) I so want to read this one. Glad you enjoyed!

    1. Thanks Melissa, it is strangely compelling this series.

  2. HAHAHAHA! Yes when you start you just can't stop. So weird

    1. I know! But then I never want the tv series to stop, and now I can have more whenever I want to.

  3. It's a whole industry, everything to do with Jane Austen! Retellings, sequels, films, costume parties. She really left a legacy!

  4. I'm very intrigued here. I love Mr. Darcy and now you're telling me that I get me some more mr. Darcy?!? I really have to try this series. Thanks, Aurian :)