donderdag 26 augustus 2010

Barbara Cartland – Fire on the Snow

Fire on the Snow

Onother nice novel by Barbara Cartland. This one I have read before in Dutch, many years ago, so it was nice being told this story again. I do like my cover better, but couldn’t find a picture of it.

Alida is abused by her aunt and uncle, because her father married her mother. She was a ballerina in Vienna, and he had to leave the Diplomatic Corps for that. But they were in love, and extremely happy together, living in Paris. When they died, Alida had to go live with her fathers brother, who punishes her as often as he can. She is not allowed to talk back when they trash her mother, to read, she is just a servant to them.

But then her niece Mary is to marry a Russian prince, and Alida is to accompany her and help her with everything. She is very happy to leave the dreary castle, even if it is only for a while.

Then the Russian Count who is escorting them to Russia sets eyes on Mary, and they fall in love, even though he is married already. Alida is to divert their chaperone, so Mary and Count Ivan can be together as much as possible. And even when they finally set eyes on the Prince, who is so very handsome, Mary won’t give up the Count.

And Alida is feeling herself fall in love with the prince, but she knows it is for naught. Her uncle has forbidden her to marry, and the prince will be marrying Mary! There is not only great richness and great poorness, and slavery and cruelty, there is also kindness and beauty, and miracles do happen sometimes …

A lovely story, which I enjoyed reading again. Barbara Cartland writes very fluently, and though her heroines are young girls, totally innocent and naïve, I like her backgrounds and the history she tells about. No love scenes either, which is a relief sometimes from the more and more erotic books being written today.

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