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Joanne Pence - A cook in time

The seventh book in the Angie Amalfi series.

A cook in time

Culinary queen Angie Amalfi has a way with food and people, but her newest business idea is turning out to be shakier than a fruit-filled gelatin mold. Her first--and only--clients for "Fantasy Dinners" are none other than a group of UFO-chasers and government conspiracy fanatics. Though Angie is more interested in what aliens eat than the Prometheus Group's outlandish theories, still, business is business, and she vows to create an authentic dinner her clients won't forget. Besides, she's got plenty of free time since her hunky cop boyfriend, Paavo, might as well be off on another planet he's so wrapped up in investigating a series of bizarre murders.

The more Angie unearths about her slightly off-center clients, however, the more she starts to believe in a conspiracy theory of her own, one linking her feast to Paavo's case. It seems the Prometheus Group has more on its agenda than just cooking up fake abductions. The truth is out there and Angie is determined to get it. This time, though, her curiosity just might take her out of this world--for good.

Through her new business, she comes back into contact with an old boyfriend, and sure, does he still remember her! He wanted to marry her back then, her father loved him, and now he thinks he is getting a second chance. Angie is planning nothing of the sort, she is very happy with her Paavo. And Paavo is also not so happy with this nutcase after Angie. So Angie tries to hook Derrick Holton up with her friend Conny, who is looking for a new boyfriend. After all, Derrick is a NASA scientist, and very handsome. But the better they get to know him, and the strange organisation he is heading, the more doubtful Angie gets.

And then Paavo, who is very busy searching for a serial killer who mutilates his victims, and leaves evidence behind of technology from the 50s, while the objects should not have been invented till the 60s! So, was there really a Government conspiracy involving aliens in Roswell? Did the technology boost from the 60s originate from their alien spaceship?

A really strange story this one. If you are interested in UFO’s, Roswell, Area51, aliens and Dreamland, and such, you might understand a bit more than I do. This book is placed at the end of the 20th century, when many people went looking for more, being sure the world would end soon.
I do like this cover better than the one I have.

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