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Bertrice Small - Passionate Pleasures

The fifth book in the Pleasures series.

Passionate Pleasures

Librarians are expected to be a bit stuffy. But not Kathryn St. John. Miss Kathy keeps everyone up to date with the latest trends, literary and otherwise. She’s content in her career – and with her fantasies on the Channel, that secret interactive cable network known only to women. Any of her favourite literary heroes can become her lover on the Channel, while her public life remains scandal free – which is a must for a descendant of one of her town’s founding families.

But when Egret Pointe’s middle school gets a new principal, everything changes. One look at the town’s proper librarian, and Tim Blair is lost. That he’s several years her junior doesn’t matter to him at all. He knows he can offer the lady passionate pleasures that will go beyond her wildest dreams. But getting Kathy to give up her fantasies for reality isn’t easy until the Channel’s CEO takes a hand in the matter – because even the devil himself can have a soft spot for love and a pretty woman.

From the first page I was curious to read this book. I was till recently in the same position as Kathy, so I wanted to know what she would do, and most important, why. Kathy is 48 years old, has everything she wants in life. A house of her own, a career she loves, and the lovers she wants through the Channel. So why would she give up her independence and her variety of lovers for only one man? Why should she marry at all? The answer, of course, is simple. Love. Because she finally found the right man for her.
But the road to that discovery was a nice one.

I don’t read much erotica, except for this series and perhaps a few paranormal romances from favourite authors. Yes, I like sex but I am certainly not into everything that happens in those love scenes. If you can call them that. I am in the habit of skipping most of those pages. But very seldom in the books written by Bertrice Small. No matter what she writes, I love her style and use of language.

Tim is 43 and the new head master of the local middle school. As head librarian, Kathy is involved with a lot of projects to get children to read more books, and so he has an excellent excuse to visit with her often. Kathy’s friends encourage her to date him, even as her brother keeps warning her to look out for her reputation. But enough is enough, and someday Kathy confronts him with some knowledge about his weekly visits to a dominatrix, something his again pregnant wife won’t want to know about …
So he leaves the two of them alone, and he even comes to like Tim, and encourage the match. After all, she is his younger sister.

It was nice to read about the dating Tim and Kathy did, and how they not just rolled into bed afterwards, but waited until they knew each other, and were ready for a commitment. The life in a little town is a very nice background for this series.

And of course the little appearances of mr. Nicholas and his nephew were great as well. Fyfe finally got what was coming for him, and I loved it!

So, I heartily recommend this series.

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