vrijdag 3 september 2010

Alexis Morgan - Dark Warrior Unbroken

The second book in the Talions series.

Dark Warrior Unbroken

He’s on a mission for justice.

Sandor Kearn is the Talion Enforcer tasked with policing his people, the Kyth. His latest assignment is the new killer stalking the streets of Seattle. But while Sandor is hunting the Kyth renegade, someone else is hunting him.

She’s on a quest for the truth.

When Lena Wilson’s mentor died investigating an arson case and the police ran out of leads, she vowed to find justice herself. Lena – who doesn’t know she is part Kyth – has the ability to see fragmented flashbacks of the crimes she’s investigating through her sense of touch. And when she meets Sandor, she feels suspicion – and desire – like she’s never known.

It’s only a matter of time before they touch…

With dark forces closing in, Sandor must keep Lena from digging deeper and exposing the existence of the Kyth. The only way is to convince her of his innocence. But how can he, when he can’t keep his hands off her?

This second book continues the story of the first one. Dame Kelly is still learning the ropes of being Grand Dame of the Kyth, with her Viking husband at her side. Sandor is now the chief Talion, and he will have to execute the final punishment to this new rogue Kyth. But first he will have to find him.

In the previous book the arson investigator was murdered by the rogue, and Sandor in his turn killed the murderer. Bus as far as normal people think, the murderer of Coop is still at large, and he will commit more arson again. So Lena is determined to use her own investigative skills to find the murderer and bring him to justice.

She visits the main witness, Kelly, and is convinced she is not been told the whole truth. But of course Kelly has to keep their species a secret, and as much as she wants to console Lena, she cannot tell her the murderer has been brought to justice already, Kyth justice. When leaving, she sees Sandor enter the house, and decides to track him down. He just may know something. After all, he fits the profile of the murderer she saw in her vision of the crime.

And while Sandor is searching the streets for the new rogue Kyth, he feels he is being followed. He just can’t figure out who it is till the third day. When he finally spots Lena, he is very happy with this chance to get to know his gorgeous stalker better. A good excuse to keep her by his side, and hunt together.

Only, the next night when they are in bed together, she accidentally touches his tattoo of his Hammer of Thor, and gets a vision of what happened in the last book. How Sandor destroyed the rogue, and how it still plagues him. So now there is no other choice but to tell her the whole truth, and hope for her silence.

Throughout the book, there are little pieces with the new rogue, or perhaps rogues, so you get to know him too. And in the end, it is Lena who prevents Sandor from the execution, and to give them all a second chance. After al, they are only children. Kyth children, who know nothing about their heritage.

I really liked this book. Sandor who struggles with what he has become, Lena trying to cope with her own abilities and her guild about the death of her friend. Kelly and Ranulf learning to be the Grand Dame and her Consort, and everything that includes. They are all a bunch of great characters. Lena who wants justice, who doesn’t want to understand that the human police would never have been able to capture, let alone imprison a rogue Kyth. He would have murdered out the entire policestation. But being around Sandor, seeing what he is capable of, slowly opens her eyes. Falling in love with each other kind of puts an end to her objections. But she will not stand for Sandor to meet out justice again. Not if it is so hard on his soul. And Sandor is willing to stand up for her, protect her, even from his own Dame if necessary.

A new character is being introduced in the end (another gorgeous man and with a British accent!), and doubtless he will be the main character in book three. The good news is, I already have that one on my desk.

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