donderdag 2 september 2010

New additions to my addiction

I went to a bookfair this morning with my friend, and I am a bit disappointed at the books I found there. I was hoping for lots and lots! But I got home with those:
Anne McCaffrey - Changelings
Anne McCaffrey - Acorna's Children - First Warning
Michael Jecks - The Death Ship of Dartmouth
Michael Jecks - Dispensation of Death
Michael Jecks - The Malice of Unnatural Death
Janny Wurts - The curse of the Mistwraith
Janny Wurts - The ships of Merior
Janny Wurts - Warhost of Vastmark
Bertrice Small - Besieged
Carol Lea Benjamin - Lady Vanishes
Elizabeth Peters - Guardian of the Horizon

If I will ever read them, no idea, keep reading my blog and perhaps a review will turn up :)

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