dinsdag 28 september 2010

Anne McCaffrey and Elizabeth Ann Scarborough – Power lines

The second book in the Petaybee series.

Power lines

Yanaba Maddock’s short-lived career as a company spy had ended the moment the planet Petaybee and its people had adopted her as one of their own. Now she was dedicated to keeping Intergal from exploiting and wounding – or even killing – the world she had come to love. For Intergal persisted in denying that Petaybee was sentient, and nothing would stop it from stripping the ore-rich planet – sentient or not.

Only solid evidence would convince the company to leave the planet alone, and for all it’s sentience, Petaybee’s communications were highly subjective; indeed, some outsiders seemed entirely immune to its voice. So Yana and her friends would have to find some other way to prove that the planet was worth more to the company alive than dead…

When Intergal is sending investigators down to find out if the planet is really sentient as dr. Whittaker Fiske claims, or if he just lost his marbles as his son claims, it is time to unite all Petaybeans. The villagers from Killcoole set out for the other villages to unite forces, to prove none of them wants mining, that they all believe the planet is sentient and beneficent for them. They do not want to go to some other planet, worse, it would kill them within a week!

But not everywhere there is consensus. Bunny and Diego find the most horrible thing imaginable! An evil man has taken over a village, lying to the people, and killing the planet bit by bit. They barely manage to escape his clutches, but the villagers are finally seeing the truth. Torkel Fiske doesn’t mind what he has done, he just wants the ore’s to prove the planet’s worth as a mining planet. But the planet protects itself, with a little help from its inhabitants, be they human, animal or plants …
And on the southern hemisphere, there is also an evil man, using his people as he sees fits, but one little girl escapes his clutches. A very special little girl, who finds an unsuspected protector.

Totally loved this book, read all through the night, because I had to finish it! The ending was a nice surprise, so I can’t wait to start reading the third and final book in this series. It was high time I found something so great again to enjoy and totally captivate my waning attention.

Anne and Elizabeth have created a great world, and I like every character in it. And as usual, the animals are very special too, which I love. Especially the various cat and dog species.

So start reading this people, I know it is an old series, and not modern in any way, but it will be a good one for ever!

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