dinsdag 28 september 2010

Anne McCaffrey and Elizabeth Ann Scarborough – Powerplay

The third book in the Petaybee series.

Power Play

At last, the living, breathing sentient world of Petaybee was about to become a recognized and independent planet. Colonel Yana Maddock, now married to Sean Shongili, was bidden to the meeting on Gal Three to give testimony and discuss the future of the miracle snow and ice world where every human, animal and plant lived in harmony with the entity that was Petaybee itself.

But their arch-enemy, Matthew Luzon, who had been humiliated and nearly destroyed when Petaybee took her revenge on him, had still not given up his designs on the rich, varied, and unusual world. He was determined to destroy its chances of autonomy.

And so Petaybee found itself swamped with visitors, hunters eager to kill the wildlife, merchants and scientists ready to strip the land, and religious malcontents wanting to “talk” to the planet. And then Yana, pregnant with her first child, was kidnapped by the infamous and enigmatic pirate, Onidi Louchard – and Yana’s ransom was to be the world of Petaybee itself!

A phenomenal conclusion to this great trilogy. I truly enjoyed reading those books. And I am very glad to already have the first part of the sequel, Changelings, about the children of Yana and Sean on my desk.

To tell the story would spoil the reading pleasure I fear. But all the people I have come to love are playing a big part in this story, and of course, the ending is very well. Petaybee is maturing, those who cannot change their ways of thinking and want to plunder the planet are punished, the others will adapt. Even the dread pirate itself is capable of changing its demeanor.

I sure do hope to read more about Bunny and Diego, what will become of them, what choices do they make?

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