zaterdag 1 oktober 2011

J.D. Robb – Chaos in Death

In Death 34, published in the anthology The Unquiet, September 2011.

Chaos in Death

Well, this sure is a bizarre case. Three young people brutally murdered in their flop, all three recovering drug addicts, and on the right way to get their life back on track. Strong connections to the Whitwood Center for rehabilitation. So Eve and Peabody are going to interview the staff there, a few Doctors and interns. Dr. Rosenthal is working on a serum to combat addictions, and his fiancée, Dr. Arianna Whitwood, is a therapist, again specializing in addictions. And then there is Dr. Eton Billingsly, a hypnotherapist, and a really obnoxious guy. Eve sure likes him for the murderer.
Strange thing is, there is a witness who saw the murderer get away, happy laughing and dancing, and looking like a monster from a Halloween movie! Did the killer wear a mask, or make-up? Or is he really as evil outside as on the inside?

Wow, this one really qualifies as a Halloween read, it was a bit spooky. Eve and Roarke are just back from Dallas, as Eve’s arm is still healing. Roarke has been a bit overprotective of her lately, even hovering, but that is ok. They both need it.
Nadine Furst makes an appearance again, one of my favourite secondary characters, and also Mavis and Trina are contacted for their expert opinions.
As it is a short story, it is not really a difficult investigation, it all goes well and fast. My first impression for the bad guy was wrong, but in the end, not really a big surprise. It was just the plot itself that is surprising, and scary if you think too much about it.

8 stars.

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  1. Must read about Roarke!!!! Arghhhh *goes insane*

  2. I found it too short, but also a nice story which follows up the novel New York to Dallas. It's more of an epiloge to that novel with a bizarre case thrown in. Not her best