vrijdag 21 oktober 2011

My Ode to Urban Fantasy

Thank you Jaye Wells, to declaring October as International Urban Fantasy Month. She is giving away the awesome price pack of 25 signed Urban Fantasy novels (including her own books of course) divided of 5 lucky winners. All you have to do, is tell why you love Urban Fantasy. So go over to her site, http://jayewells.com/, and enter the contest as well.
Other others are participating as well, like Siera Dean (http://www.sierradean.com/), whose novella I have just reviewed (scroll down).

So here is my ode to Urban Fantasy.

I love to read Urban Fantasy novels and especially series for a lot of reasons. I am in awe of the world those authors create, especially if you can believe it is real, and those paranormal creatures could be living right next door to you. The diversity some authors create is incredible, and I love them all. Although I have a weakness for witches and wizards, I love reading about vampires, were-wolves and other shapeshifters, the different kind of fae, but also elves, faeries, nymphs, ghosts, demons, gods and goddesses and demi-gods, angels, gargoyles, and other scary creatures of the night.
What great imagination those authors have, and how grateful I am to them, for taking the time to write it all down, so other people can enjoy their stories.

I love kick ass heroines, those who really take over the pages, and don’t really need a man by their side, but if they do have, they are equals and not depending on them to save their asses. No genre is better for that than urban fantasy. And paranormal romance of course, the line between the two genres is often very thin.
I love to dream about, what if it could be real, what if I could be a part of this world? Have a shifter, a real alpha male, for myself? Of course, I am way to independent to ever tolerate such a mach alpha male in my life for real, but still. They care so much, are so protective of their mate/heartmate/Soulmate. Dreaming is nice.

And I especially love series, so you can follow your favourite heroine and hero on their next adventure, and learn more about their personal lives, and the trials in it. The secondary characters are much needed to give extra life and laughter to the story, and their roles are often very important for the storyline.

Some of my favourite Urban Fantasy authors, in no specific order:
Laurell K. Hamilton, Kim Harrison, Patricia Briggs, Ilona Andrews, Anne Bishop, Jenna MacLain, Karen Chance, Moira Rogers, and of course Yasmine Galenorn.
They all have wonderful worldbuilding and strong heroines.

Thank you all ladies, for giving me so many hours of reading pleasure, letting me travel to your worlds and enjoy myself.

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  1. Well done! I agree with this as well. IRL, alpha would be too much, but they strike such a great balance in the books, don't they? :)

  2. Great ode :) I should do this too.

    And of course I agree on the alpha bit, but in books yum