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Nora Roberts – Tears of the Moon

The second book in the Gallaghers of Ardmore series, published June 2000.

Tears of the Moon

Dear Reader,
Those who dream by day bring beauty to the world. The art and the music, the stories and the heart. Ireland holds its dreamers dear. Still, along with its poets and artists, the irish can be a practical lot. In one hand they hold their magic, and in the other the sweat of their labor.
In Tears of the Moon, I’ve clasped those hands together with the dreamer Shawn Gallagher and the clearminded Brenna O’Toole. Carrick, Prince of Faeries, has his work cut out for him with these two if he is to bring them together and take the next step toward breaking the spell that separates him from his own love, and his own destiny.
He has a gift for them, but they must accept it and each other with selfless hearts. Pride and ambition must be outweighed by love and generosity. Two people who have known one another all their lives will have to look at each other with different eyes. High above the tidy village of Ardmore, on a windy cliff near the well of an ancient saint, there is magic and music in the air. Have a seat on the bench here, and listen for it.
Nora Roberts.

Brenna O’Toole has finally made up her mind. She has the hots for her childhood friend Shawn Gallagher, and as it doesn’t fade, she will take action. Even though he is the brother of her best friend Darcy, and things could get awkward. Shawn doesn’t know what hits him, when Brenna propositions him. He has no clue as how to react, and when he turns her down, her goodbye kiss certainly blows him away. And so he gets to thinking himself.
His brother Aidan has recently married his Jude, and Shawn is now living in the cottage Jude owns. He is working as a cook in the Gallagher pub, along his siblings, and he is content with his life. He has his music, and perhaps someday he will do something with it. He never thought about getting married for some time. But this is Brenna, and this is different. So after some thinking, he accepts her offer, but if she thinks a quick half hour in the bed will do it, she is sadly mistaken. Shawn sets out to seduce her. Some kissing here, some stroking the next day, she will have to wait until he is well and ready for it.
Brenna is working alongside her father, fixing and building things. She loves her job, taking things apart and fixing them. Be they cars or washing machines, building a house or a nursery. She is good at it too. She doesn’t wear frippery, doesn’t understand the need for makeup like her friends Darcy and Jude use. She wants this thing with Shawn taken care of, without losing their friendship. And now he is driving her mad, with his lack of haste, this teasing of her senses.
But when they finally do end up in bed, with Shawn having planned a romantic evening, they really set the bed aflame. They sure never experienced something this good. So they will take what comes their way for as long as it lasts. But then Shawn realizes he wants more, and he is smart enough to let Brenna think it is her own idea, or else she will do the total opposite.

And then there is the ghost of the cottage, the Lady Gwen, giving Brenna advice, while he is the one living there, and has not yet seen her. But Prince Carrick, who has been waiting for her for 300 years now, he is impatient with both Shawn and Brenna. But he knows he cannot rush them, those foolish mortals and their pride. So he shows himself to them, trying to teach them the importance of the right words instead of gifts.

Even the second time reading this series, I love this book. The practical, impatient Brenna, and the dreamy Shawn. Total opposites, but so right for each other. Shawn needs someone who can give him a push in the right direction now and then, and Brenna can use some quiet in her life. I love the bantering between them. Darcy soon figures it out, and is worried about both of them. She doesn’t want them with a broken heart!
The plans to build a theatre next to Gallaghers pub are continuing nicely, and Brenna has sketched a great plan. She doesn’t have any education in being an architect, but experience on the job sure counts for a lot too. Now hoping the Magee will like it.

If you are looking for a sweet series to read, something that makes you sigh and feel good in the end, and make you laugh and cry a little during the journey to that ending, do pick up this series. It is timeless, and just good.

8,5 stars.

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  1. Hm *thinks a bit* I might have giving this one, or some other in the series to my mum to read :)

  2. Oh sometimes I am in the mood for something sweet and light. This really does sound like a feel good read!