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Victoria Laurie - Abby Cooper, Psychic Eye

The first book in the Psychic Eye Mystery series, published December 2004.

Abby Cooper, psychic eye

Abby Cooper is a P.I., psychic intuitive. But her insight failed her when she didn't foresee the death of one of her clients-or that the lead investigator for the case is the gorgeous blind date she just met. Now, with the police suspicious of her abilities and a killer on the loose, Abby's future looks more uncertain than ever.

I’ve been meaning to read this series for quite a while now, and I am glad I finally started reading. I like it, a lot.
Abby is a powerful psychic, and she is making a good living at what she does. She did not always give in to her gift, her parents really discouraged her, as did other people she talked with about her gift, what she saw. Only her older sister Cat accepted it, and Abby.
Abby was working a boring job at a bank, when four years ago a medium walked in, with a message from her grandparents, to embrace her gift, and do something with it. So after months of thinking, the two started working together. But now Theresa has gotten an offer from an important t.v. station for a show, and she and her husband are moving to Los Angeles, leaving Abby on her own. Which she is not looking forward to. Her love life is non-existent, and she feels lonely sometimes. So, Abby decides to try one of those online dating services.

Abby is a great character, and she really doesn’t let Dutch walk over her. She stands up for herself, and accepts that it is difficult for a police officer to just believe her, when she can’t explain how she knows things.

Dutch is attracted to Abby, but he has to do his work by the book, has to follow the rules and the evidence, or the culprit will walk. He is a former military man, and now a homicide inspector. When Abby tells her, at their first blind date, about herself, and what she saw about the abduction of a little boy at the mall today on t.v., he does not tell her he is a police officer. She is weary of the police, as another psychic has gone to jail when she could not convince the police she was not the murderer. Abby sure wants nothing to do with that, knowing she will be laughed at, and be investigated. But of course, life doesn’t always do what we want, and she is drawn into a murder investigation when one of her former clients is found brutally murdered.

Abby wants to help, knows she can help, but Dutch wants her out of the investigation, he wants her safe and not in the killer’s sights. But Abby can’t let go, she feels guilty for not helping Allison when she called. And in the end, it is Abby’s insight that cracks the case (or cases) before she herself …

Yes, great first book in a series, and I really want to read more, and find out where the relationship between Abby and Dutch is going. For secondary characters, there is the handyman fixing up Abby’s place, and Abby’s mega rich sister. Cat wants nothing more than to help Abby financially, but Abby wants to do it herself, step by step. I like the readings Abby does for strangers, giving them advice, but of course she cannot force anyone to follow it, or believe her.

8 stars.

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  1. Oh, I love the cover and Dutch sounds like a fun guy to get to know. I like that he didn't want to mess things up with her so he didn't tell her about his job on their date.

    Thanks for letting me know more about this book.

  2. Sounds good, and cute too :D
    I hope you enjoy the rest too

  3. I do like this series quite a lot. It has a neat premise and the character chemistry is strong. Glad you liked it too.


  4. @Vickie: Yes, I really like the series, thanks for your recommendation.
    @Blodeuedd: It is a good series, really exiting at times too.
    @Missie: Is is good series, hope you will like it too. Dutch is sometimes great, and other times a real man who has no clue about women whatsoever.
    @Sabrina: I will just read them all, so far, so good.

    But: I did have nightmares tonight about the third one I have started last night.

  5. Oh so this is the first book! I think I'm going to have to get this one. These sound so cute!