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Michelle Sagara – Cast in Ruin

The sixth book in the Chronicles of Elantra series, published September 2011.

Cast in Ruin

Seven corpses are discovered in the streets of a Dragon's fief. All identical, down to their clothing.
Kaylin Neya is assigned to discover who they were, who killed them - and why. Is the evil lurking at the borders of Elantra preparing to cross over?
At least the investigation delays her meeting with the Dragon Emperor. And as the shadows grow longer over the fiefs, Kaylin must use every skill she's ever learned to save the people she's sworn to protect. Sword in hand, dragons in the sky, this time there's no retreat and no surrender.

If you have not read the previous books, you will not understand a thing that happens in this book. Or in my review. The story picks up at the end of the previous book, with little to none looking back. And even if you are a follower of this series like I am from the beginning, I find this one difficult to follow.

Kaylin is supposed to get lessons in etiquette from Dragon Lord Diarmat, so she won’t offend the Emperor when she finally meets him. Not that Kaylin is really looking forward to it. All she wants is to be a Hawk (sort of police officer) and help out in the Foundling Halls and the Midwives Guild. Kaylin is chosen, her body is filled with tattooed words, that appeared magically when she was still young. Nobody really knows what it means to be chosen, but Kaylin can do a lot of things the other beings/races in Elantra can not. She has friends and enemies in all the castes and races.
And Lord Diarmat totally hates her. He doesn’t really want to teach her. Luckily for Kaylin, Lord Sannabalis requests her help from her Sergeant, as there is trouble in the new fief of Dragon Lord Tiamaris. A fief Kaylin was substantial in, in making in the previous book.

And then lots of things are happening, and not happening. Kaylin gets send back and forth to the fief, and the Emperors Court, the Halls of Law. Shadowy and unclear things are happening, and are resolved in the end, but the how and why is still unclear to me. Perhaps I was too sleepy at the end of the book.

So, a short review, as I really don’t know what to say about this book. I liked it, because it is a good series. I disliked it, cause there was no real progress in the book. Although the premise for the next book is perhaps set up: A trip with Lord Nightshade to the West Marches of the Barrani …
I am disappointed as Kaylin did not even meet with Evantor in this book, which is always a good part, and a mysterious part in the series.

About the series though, I can tell you this: the world building is absolutely fantastic. Lots of different races, lots of castes, with a Dragon Emperor for whom the city is his hoard, but also with some fiefs, run by a kind of criminal lords, where there is no law.
And so far, each book has focused on Kaylin interacting with one of the other races: the Barrani, the Leontines, the Dragons, etc. Saving the world from one kind of disaster or the other, fighting the Outcaste and the Shadows. And I loved that. This book is just a bit different in setup.

Yes, I still look forward to the next book, and yes, I do recommend this series to all lovers of fantasy. Only a tiny little hint of possible romance so far, so don’t worry about it. A great female lead character, and awesome secondary characters. You can’t help but to love Kaylin as she is feeling her way through life and everything that comes on her path. There is magic, ofcourse, and some fighting, and evil things and persons.

And if the series is a 9 star one, this book doesn’t rate that high, but of course this is my personal opinion. 7 stars.

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  1. Considering that I love fantasy more than any other genre then yes I am intrigued, but I do want it epic. But if you say there is little romance then then all is good

  2. So you are saying I can't do what I normally do and just jump into this series. LOL No probs. I start them from the beginning too. Oh the world does sound good. Even if there is no read growth, I am curious about that world! I need to put this on my wishlist!

  3. Agh! I know that feeling of reading a book and finding no real progress in the overall story arc.

    Have you read the Southern Vampire Mysteries. That is what they have been like for the last few books.

    But I still have to admire how quickly you go through series. I wish I had that ability. :)

  4. @Blodeuedd: I think you will like the worldbuilding and the different races that live in Elantra.

    @Melissa: About the read growth, well, there does happen something very important ofcourse, but I did not want to give away the mystery. And Kaylin as a character grows and matures a lot throughout the series.

    @Missie: Tried the first two books (Charlaine Harris, right?) and just did not like them. Lack of humor in it. And well, if you read a series from almost the start, one book a year is hard to wait for ;)

  5. I do like this series but they take forever for me to read. Sometimes I wish the author would cut a few things out as the books get a little tiresome at times. And Kaylin's constant attitude, while I understand, I think it's time she grew up. I haven't read book 5 or 6 but might pick it up again during the Christmas holidays.

  6. Hi Jennifer, it still is a good series, I love how Kaylin is learning about the different races in each book. And I really do believe she is maturing. In this book, she is confronted by Severn about his feelings for her.