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Christine Feehan – Dark Wolf

Book 25 in the Carpathian/Dark series, published January 7, 2014.
Genre: paranormal romance
Cover: I prefer my cover, the smaller one.

Dark Wolf photo n436401_zpspoj36lnx.jpgDark Wolf photo 61N1hpHY2gL._SL160__zpssisnkdtd.jpg

He is Carpathian. Ancient and unassailable. She is human. Young and vulnerable. Without her, he will not survive.
Caught between two warring species, Dimitri has spent centuries hunting the undead to keep his people free and humans safe. He has survived honorably when others have chosen to give up their souls. Now, marked for extermination by the Lycans, Dimitri finds himself alone, and fearing for his life. But salvation is coming…
No Lycan would ever suspect someone like Skyler to dare mount a secret rescue operation. A teenage girl. A human of untested abilities. But she has something no one else does. She is predestined for Dimitri - as he is for her. And there is nothing stronger for Skyler than her desire to see her life-dream come true. Whatever the risk.

It has been a while since I read a Carpathian book, but I have been looking forward to this particular love story since book 5 or so. And finally it is here, and I absolutely devoured it. This one makes me fall in love with the series all over again. Yes, it is book 25, and I will confess that I really don’t remember all the characters mentioned in here anymore. Of course, the bigger ones, the earlier ones stuck with me as I have re-read those books.

I loved Skyler and her two friends, and how they bravely set out to rescue Skyler’s lifemate Dimitri from the Lycans. And she succeeds! But there is a bigger plot brewing, treason in the Lycan community, those who want nothing to do with the Carpathians, and certainly not with half-breeds. Dimitri and his Lycan friend have shared blood over the centuries, and both are evolving into something more. Is this the future for their species? Even though things are looking better for the Carpathians, they are still a race on the brink of extinction.

It was a good solid story, both the action and the romance part, and I loved how Skyler grew up to be. She has learned to embrace her wizard background, and uses it to protect them all. And now I want to read about her friends! Josef, the outcast Carpathian with unique hacking skills, and other technology skills, and their friend Paul, who is human and lives with the De La Cruz brothers. When they are in danger from the Lycans, all the ancient Carpathians will fly to their rescue.
Amazing book, I read it in one afternoon and was sad that it has ended.

10 stars.

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    1. I am not sure you would like these B, a lot of instant love: this is the one, and I will have her.

  2. Your copy definitely has the better cover. I need to try her one day.

  3. Glad to hear that you enjoyed the book so much, Aurian. It's been a few years since I read a book about the Carpathians from Christine Feelan. They were one of my first books that I read in English and I really loved them! I think it's time that I read another one of this series. Thanks for reminding me of this series, Aurian.

    1. There are some lesser books for a while Peggy, but they have become better again :)

  4. I can remember the book in which Skyler first arrived. Loved it. A may have to find the time to read this one, Aurian.