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J.D. Robb – Obsession in Death

Book 40 in the In Death series, published February 10, 2015.
Genre: futuristic suspense
Cover: fits the series

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Lieutenant Eve Dallas walks the thin line between love and hate in this fabulous 40th thriller from #1 New York Times - bestseller J. D. Robb...

Eve Dallas has solved a lot of high-profile murders for the NYPSD and gotten a lot of media. She - and her billionaire husband - are getting accustomed to being objects of attention, of gossip, of speculation.
But now Eve has become the object of one person's obsession. Someone who finds her extraordinary, and thinks about her every hour of every day. Who believes the two of them have a special relationship. Who would kill for her - again and again...
With a murderer reading meanings into her every move, handling this case will be a delicate - and dangerous - psychological dance. And Eve knows that underneath the worship and admiration, a terrible threat lies in wait. Because the beautiful lieutenant is not at all grateful for these bloody offerings from her "true and loyal friend."
And in time, idols always fall...

Book 40, and still not bored by it at all. Somehow, J.D. Robb (Nora Roberts) keeps those stories fresh and exciting. This was truly suspenseful, and I loved the little looks in the killer’s mind without knowing who it was. I certainly did not guess at all.

It is just a day after Christmas, just a few days after book 39, and still bitterly cold in New York December 2060. And Eve is not pleased at all with the personal message the killer left for her on the victim’s headboard. She did not like the victim, but she did not deserve to be killed like this.

A killer is leaving her bodies, thinking those offended Eve and need to be killed. But if Eve cannot find the killer soon, more people will die, and when the killer thinks he is not appreciated, he will turn on Eve, and probably on her friends first. So who does she need to protect, who will be in the bigger danger? Running probabilities, looking for suspects, anything to link the killer and the victims to her.
The danger to her friends becomes frightingly real, but lucky for Eve, they are smart and not helpless or clueless to the danger. But the killer knows so much about Eve, her deepest secrets, her private history, and that is just not bearable.

I absolutely loved the mystery, the suspense, and the sick mind of some people is a horrible place to be. But as always, the book is filled with good scenes as well, short scenes with Peabody, with Roarke, Summerset, Myra, Nadine and of course Mavis. It is always fun to witness how terrified Eve is with little Bella, and now Leonardo leaves her alone with the baby! What is she to do?
I love how Roarke is always there for her, to vent at, to work out with, and of course make steaming hot love to. And he picks out her clothes in the morning as Eve has no fashion sense at all. She is baffled by Myra wearing a matching necklace and pumps.

And then there is Peabody, she is so vibrant and full of joy in live, but also good in her work, and getting better all the time. I could picture her easily in her new pink coat and pink cowboy boots. Wrapped in miles of scarf.

40 books and still going strong, congratulations J.D. Robb, let’s hope for 40 more!

9 stars.

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