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Heather Graham – Deadly Gift

The third book in the Flynn Brothers Trilogy series, published December 1, 2008.
Genre: paranormal romance
Cover: beautiful but creepy

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An outsider in a world of extraordinary wealth, Caer Donahue must learn who can be trusted … and who should be feared.

Caer is spending this Christmas among strangers. Brought to Newport, Rhode Island, from her native Ireland to nurse ailing millionaire Sean O'Riley, she's living a life few can imagine. But money can't hide the tension between O'Riley's trophy wife, his paranoid daughter, the eccentric aunt in the attic and the staff members who run the house.
When O'Riley's business partner goes missing, family friend Zach Flynn arrives. Determined to help him solve the case, Caer becomes enmeshed in a mystery that weaves together the sins of the past with one family's destiny… and a spirit that watches the mansion, possessing a deadly gift.

I have been reading Heather Graham in small doses for a while, as the books all had the same feeling to them, and they were almost too scary for me. I am very happy that this one is different. Okay, the hero still doesn’t believe in the paranormal world, but this time it is not a woman who just came into her psychic gifts and has to deal with it on her own.

Caer is different, and she knows it. She has a mission: protect Sean O’Riley from his murderer, as it is not his time yet. Evil has killed his business partner Eddie, as they are greedy for their fortune and secrets, and now they are after Sean. But Sean has his daughter and his friend Zach Flynn looking out for him as well.
Together Zach and Caer try to discover the identity of the killer, while the attraction between them gets hotter and hotter. Zach doesn’t trust Caer at all, but he knows she is not the killer, or she would have been successful in the hospital back in Ireland, instead of nursing and guarding him so well.

But when things turn deadly, and creepy, with more and more crows gathering on the estate, they will have to trust each other.

I really don’t want to spoil anything about this story, and why it was so different from the rest, but it was awesome and although very creepy and sad at times, I loved every page. A very original twist and I would certainly not mind more of this.
I loved Caer and I felt for her, when she was longing for those things she never she could never have. And Flynn was a typical Heather Graham hero: though and strong and he has seen enough bad things to last him a lifetime, and he still does not believe in anything paranormal. I am not sure if he changed his mind in the end of the book or not.

Lots of secondary characters to sort out who the evil one is, but the old aunt certainly brought some relief and love to the story. And sadness. And strangeness.

If you like old Irish legends, you might guess something about this plot though.

10 stars.

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  1. Both authors are almost auto-buys for me so glad both of these lived up :)

    1. Lol that was a posting mistake Felicia, nr 2 will be posted again next month.

  2. I really enjoyed the Cole book. I still have to read the Graham books I have! Great reviews.

    1. Thanks Melissa! You should try one, they are scary but good.