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Kelly Hunter – The spy who tamed me

A stand alone novel, published April 1, 2015.
Genre: contemporary romance
Cover: mine is better.

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After two years undercover, Special Operative Jared West feels like a stranger in his old life. The bruises on his muscle-honed body will fade, but not the memories. Still, he hasn’t lost his appreciation for a beautiful woman: Rowan Farmington is too arresting to be ignored.
New Director of Operations Rowan has heard Jared’s most dangerous weapon is his sexy smile, but it’s her job to see through his bravado. Rowan must get to know Jared intimately to ensure he’s read for his next mission.
But neither is ready for the passion that erupts from the casual touch of a hand…

As Kelly Hunter in an Australian author, this story features the Australian Secret Intelligence Service, not the American FBI or CIA or whatever. And that was fun, as it is so new and fresh to me.
Rowan has worked hard to be in the position she is in now, and she is proud of it. She loves her work, loves being in charge of her agents, and planning and plotting to keep them safe. And now after two years undercover, Jared West is back. Just in time for his sisters wedding to his best friend, bruised and hurt, but he made it. He knows he will have to be debriefed first, but he doesn’t care, he wants to see his family. But when he sees his new Director, Rowan, sparks fly. He doesn’t care that she is his boss, or older than he is, he wants her.

Rowan doesn’t mind the flirting, but she will debrief him, she is sure he has some more information he hasn’t shared yet with the Agency. Still, he is very handsome. Is there any chance for them to really have a long distance relationship? With him living on the coast, being with his family, and with her working such extreme long hours in the city? She is is not about to give up her career and start a family either. She is 40 and she likes where she is.

Jared has trouble letting his last case go though, he is not happy with what happened that made him able to get out, and he has some last evidence to find about dirty people in charge, even at the Agency. And then there is the little boy he promised to protect …

I devoured this story. I liked both main characters from the first page they walked in the story, and was rooting for them. They did not make easy choices, their relationship developed naturally and not too fast. And when Jared really screwed things up, Rowan did not forgive him easily, she made him think things through as well. And the ending really surprised me, Rowan got the job she really wants, and that opens everything up again.
The only thing I did not appreciate, was the latest addition, when they were perfectly happy without it at first.

9 stars.

Autobuy author
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  1. The Asis, I guess they can do things too

  2. I'm actually glad she didn't forgive him so easily. I hate those tropes like that. This sounds like a pretty good book.

    1. It was, and I really enjoyed the older heroine Melissa.

  3. I have this one! It's not a stand-alone, it's book four in the West family series. So there are more great stories for you to discover.

    1. I actually have another book at the moment Maia, I look forward to reading it!