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Recommendations from Karin for July 2015.

In order to bring some more variety to my blog, I have asked some of my bookish friends to tell about the books they have in the past month, and to give us a recommendation. Today’s post is made by Karin from Austria.


It’s unbelievable how quickly time flies when you can enjoy it reading good books. This month I have decided not to rate my readings according to what I liked best but I want to draw your attention to a few series that make for a light – and sometimes not so light – summer reading.

Like Peggy I have rediscovered my love for jocks. Not that I understand the least about American football but I can enjoy the lovely descriptions of professional sportsmen like the next woman.
So I want to recommend “The Lone Stars” series by Katie Graykowski
The books are:

Perfect Summer

 photo 18929792_zpsfxp4oyor.jpg

Saving Grace

 photo 22571165_zpssrdunfor.jpg

Changing Lanes

 photo 23494776_zps3oreo2qu.jpg

All three books deal with sort of normal people. Of course the heroes are impressive to look at and filthy rich. Still they all have their little baggage to carry. The heroines are anything but impressive to look at, they have their share of insecurities to bear and all three of them possess a great heart. There are some obstacles in the way to the HEA but (something I appreciate immensely), they deal with the difficulties in the way adult and mature people are supposed to do: they talk about them! So if you want a light fluffy read for the summer – go ahead.

Another series about pro footballers, their heavy baggages and the wonderful women who help them to find ultimate happiness was written by Jami Davenport. These books are a lot heavier on the sexy scenes – and I mean a lot - than the Lone Stars.

Reading order:

Fourth and Goal

 photo 51A2BZWyAGEL.SX64_SY100_zpsrsak4tta.jpg

Forward Passes

 photo 510h8pkaL-L.SX64_SY100_zps2chbxiun.jpg

Down by Contact

 photo 51NliPQcGlL.SX64_SY100_zpsz0oljuod.jpg

Backfield in Motion

 photo 51eCyuat-iL.SX64_SY100_zpsqms78hui.jpg

Christmas Break (novella)

 photo 51aPEKzljZL.SX64_SY100_zpsyhnstoq5.jpg

Time of Possession

 photo 51ttM0LDjHL.SX64_SY100_zpsrkjpkx4h.jpg

Roughing the Passer

 photo 51TTcWZ5oBL.SX64_SY100_zpsxdbruyv7.jpg

I really enjoyed reading these books, some bedroom (or wherever) scenes I simply skimmed. What really annoyed me time and again was the poor editing, and I’m not talking missing commas or the like. I really hate it when there are spelling mistakes or sometimes even word mix-ups. How a native speaker can miss that “rode” was mixed up with “road” is really beyond me.
Apart from that a well recommended series.

And last but not least I would really recommend one of my favourite writers again. I guess by now everybody who follows this post knows that I love Grace Draven and she published a novella-length sequel to “Master of Crows”.


The Brush of Black Wings

 photo 21897507_zpsjmeyrcdm.jpg

During a foray into the woods of Neith, Martise stumbles upon a ruined temple and reawakens not only a power she thought lost, but also something far more malevolent. An ancient darkness, imprisoned in an eternal cage, sees a chance at freedom in a woman once held in bondage.

Desperate to save her, the Master of Crows will break the barriers of time and worlds to challenge an entity born of forgotten magic and the remnants of souls—a demon king who once led hordes of the damned across the face of the world.

The destroyer of gods will battle the destroyer of men to reclaim her and discover a truth the keepers of history once conspired to conceal.

A tale of revelation and redemption

I would buy this book just for the gorgeous cover alone. Although the story is short it’s packed full of action, suspense and the sweetest love that one can imagine. It concentrates only on Silhara and Martise and how the Master of Crows wields his astonishing magic with the help of the heroine. Highly recommended!!

What’s left for me now is to wish you happy summer reading which I’m doing as I write this.

Karin photo Karin 2_zps9oybhsee.png

Aurian: Thanks for the recommendation Karin! I am glad you got to read so much! I didn’t do very well myself, with working so many long days, but I read some goodies. And I will read Grace Draven this year, promise!

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  1. Rode and road...ok...I make mistakes sometimes, and am all embarrassing!

  2. Try Grace Draven Aurian - I'm sure you wont't disappointed. And although she's an indie writer there are not so many mistakes that would make me climb walls - if I were able to, that is!

  3. I've also bought A Brush of Black Wings and read it. Grace Draven is a autobuy for me.
    I even bought the tote bag of the cover. I liked it that much!

  4. Ahhh editing like that drives me crazy. I've not tried any of these but they all look good!

  5. The Escape to New Zealand series look really good! Thanks for mentioning them.

  6. Thanks for the recommendations, Karin! I love books about sports. I haven't read any of them but they look really good. I will try them (someday) :)