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Recommendations from Freya for July 2015.

In order to bring some more variety to my blog, I have asked some of my bookish friends to tell about the books they have in the past month, and to give us a recommendation. Today’s post is made by Freya from Holland.

Last month I’ve read four new books:
Ilona Andrews, Sweep in peace; Thea Harrison, Midnight's kiss; Kelly Hunter, Wish and - Jayne Ann Krentz, Wildest hearts. I also reread a Amanda Quick book, Deception. And lastly I’ve reread the first five books of the in Death books by J.D. Robb.

After reading some hot books the month before last, I was in the mood for some more mellow books. I’ve read two books by JAK in her two guises. One was a reread the other (Wildest hearts) after I read her newsletter, where it was mentioned. I couldn’t remember the storyline and found out I hadn’t read it before. It was a classic JAK, with a cool hero and a spiritual heroine. Liked it very much.
The other new books were also good. Thea Harrison’s a started somewhat slow for me but was a great read as it progressed. Wish was a lovely story with some great side characters.

But the book I want to recommend is Sweep in Peace, a blog serial by Ilona Andrews.

Sweep in Peace photo Sweep in Peace_zpstscirjow.jpg

I’ve read Clean Sweep when it came out as a full-fledged novel. When Ilona and Andrew posted the start of the sequel on their blog I was very excited. I loved the first book and was very pleased to get a start on the second. But it took a while to be fully written and posted. It started march 2014 and the 7th of June, this year, it was finally finished. That’s why I copied and pasted the text in Word and waited until it was complete.

The storyline is that Dina, the Innkeeper of Gertrude, a sentient Inn, hosts a very important summit of the warring parties on Nexus, a planet with some rare natural wealth. These parties have been fighting for twenty years and nobody is winning. This summit is a big gamble for the arbiter and Dina. If they succeed a bloody, soulcrushing war will be over and the Inn will greatly enhance its reputation. Something Dina needs to attract more guests and hopefully find someone who knows where her parents disappeared to. But if they fail the Inn will probably be another casualty of that war.

I started reading again and couldn’t put it down. It was beautiful, with strong emotions but also a couple of laughs. I got to see familiar faces again and some new ones. The stakes were very high, but Dina is up to it. There are some characters that I loved to hate. They also appear in her Edge series, that I haven’t read, but will someday soon.

It’s still on her website, free to read until it goes to a professional editor and will be made into official ebook and paperback. I urge you to read it, but only if you read the first installment. I’m hoping for book three, but that will take a while.

Freya photo Freya 2_zpseia5fuhr.jpg

Aurian: Thanks for the recommendation Freya! I have also read and loved this book (still have to write my own review!) and I do endorse your recommendation. It is unique and fun.

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  1. I will wait for the real version, I can not do serials or read on blogs

    1. It is finished now B, no longer a serial. And it is so good!

  2. Thank you!!! I finished reading Clean Sweep a week or two back and was wondering about book two :D This made my day *goes to their site*

  3. Oh I wanted to read that first book and I'm so glad that it is good. I don't care for serials so YaY on it being finished! :D

    1. I can't read serials either Melissa, that is just tormenting yourself.

  4. It's a great way of getting to know a writer. I'll be reading more Ilona Andrews book soon