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Lyn Benedict – Sins & Shadows

The first book in the Shadows Inquiries series, published April 28, 2009.
Genre: urban fantasy
Cover: nice.

Sins and shadows

Sylvie Lightner is no ordinary P.I. She specializes in cases involving the unusual and unbelievable, in a world where magic is real, where hell is just around the corner - and where death isn't the worst thing that can happen to you…
When one of her employees is murdered in front of her, Sylvie has had enough. After years of confounding the dark forces of the Magicus Mundi, she's closing up shop. But wanting to quit and actually quitting are two different things. Because when a god asks you for a favor, saying no isn’t an option.
A man claiming to be the God of Justice wants Sylvie to find his lost lover. And if she doesn’t agree to help, her family, her friends, and the world will suffer the consequences.
Tracked by real-world government agents, hunted by her many enemies from the darkness, and drawn ever deeper into a labyrinth of evil deeds and immortal powers, Sylvie must find her quarry before she finds the truth about herself. Because in her line of work, the truth can set you free... and then it can kill you.

This book really throws you right in the middle of the story, not a lot of background to start with, action around the clock. Sylvie Lightner is just a mortal human woman, but she knows of the existence of all kind of paranormal creatures out there, good and bad, and gods. The mortal earth is not used to the presence of gods on earth, and bad things start happening when one does reside on earth. She often wishes she never found out about any of this stuff. Especially now that one of her employees is been murdered by a coven looking for Power through a blood sacrifice. She will have her revenge, after all, killing monsters is what she is good at. And by killing her employee, they crossed the line from human into monster. They will be hunting for her, but she will hunt them right back. But first, she will close up shop to keep her other employee safe. And to prevent Alex to see her dark side.
She will also have to get rid of the government agents who seem to be always watching her. So far they have no proof of any killings on her side, mostly because there is nothing left to be found.

But Sylvie doesn’t get a chance to get out of business. Three strange women invade her office and keep her there, until their master arrives. Claiming to be the God of Justice, when there never has been one. Still, he has strange powers, she cannot explain. The creation of matter is not something a magician or warlock can do. Kevin Dunne wants Sylvie to find his lover. Brandon was abducted two weeks ago, and Kevin cannot find him, nor can the cops who are looking for him all over the world. As a former cop, and the new God of Justice, they are all drawn to Kevin, bound to do his bidding, to the extent of losing their mind.
In return of finding his lover, Kevin will give Sylvie anything she wants. And right now, she wants revenge on the coven, and to keep them from killing anyone else. For this time, their ceremony failed to work, and they will doubtless perform another ritual soon, killing another innocent. And even if Kevin cannot kill them, Sylvie can.

Having no choice but to agree, Sylvie sets out for the place Brandon was last seen. She will have to work fast, as Kevin’s powers are really disruption the world. And the Eumenides sisers he keeps on a leash for now, will not hesitate to extract their own brand of justice on those they find in need of it.

What follows is a very action filled story, with Sylvie and her old adversary, government agent Demalion, who just seems to be her only ally on this hunt. Gods and the most old of legends come true. Magic is real, miracles are real, old legends and myths are real. But violent death happens as well. I enjoyed reading it all, the always unsuspected things that kept surprising me. The creatures that pop up in this story, like the sphinx, the original spin on things and history.

I enjoyed it thoroughly, and was glued to the pages. Never a dull moment, and I really love Sylvie. Life made her hard, to be able to deal with everything. You will smile and cry, I promise you, but you will not be bored. Yes, a good start to a new urban fantasy series, and I am looking forward to reading the rest of the series, which is already on my shelf.

Is there love and romance? Perhaps a little. But don’t expect too much please.

9 stars

A blogger made me buy it

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  1. Cry? NOooooOOOO. Still, it sounds like a good UF start and I do enjoy that genre. Usually there isn't a lot of romance in UF, but even a little is a good thing. Means it may be coming more so later on. I think I'll add this one to the wishlist.

  2. Cool, I have not seen this before :D And it sounds good too!

  3. Oh I think this is a new one to me. I had to scroll back up to the top to see if it was the first book in the series for sure. Hm, I think it needs to go on my want list. :) Thank you.

  4. I'm not familiar with this series. Sound great!

  5. Action packed sounds fabulous! I will definitely have to remember this one! :)

  6. Oh how is that I didn't even know this book? Now I really want it, thank you so much for the discovery, it's added on the top of my wishlist!