vrijdag 9 juli 2010

Annette Blair - The Scot, the Witch and the wardrobe

The third book in the Melody Seabright series took me a while to get into, but the next trilogy kept peeking back at this book, and I became curious enough to finally pick it up again, and finish it. And I am glad I did, cause I liked it after all.

The Scot, the Witch and the Wardrobe

He sought his birthright

Long ago, Rory MacKenzie’s Scottish ancestor lost the bewitching woman he loved and regretted it forever. Before he died, he sent her his greatest work of art, a beautifully carved unicorn, as a token of his eternal devotion. Now, Rory is determined to reclaim the unicorn and restore his clan to glory.

She fought her birthright

Like all the women in her family, Victoria Cartwright has inherited the key to the mysterious wardrobe in the family attic. Legend says that only the girl who possesses the magic of her ancestor can reveal the treasure within. But Vicky refuses to believe she is any sort of enchantress.

They both got more than they bargained for …

When Vicky unexpectedly opens the wardrobe, the unicorn makes her dreams come true – until the handsome Rory shows up with his own plans for the unicorn, and for Vicky …

When her grandmother dies after a long sickbed, Vicky is left with the house and the antique shop, and she is struggling to pay all the bills, So when she finds the antique wooden carrousel figure of an unicorn, she decides to get some publicity from it. Never did she think it would be her destiny set in motion. Cause when Rory MacKenzy, all the way in Scotland, saw that antiques show, he knew it was the famous unicorn his great grandfather Drummond carved. And when Drummond gave that unicorn away, he also gave away the luck and prosperity of his village. So now it is up to Rory to get the unicorn back so he and his family will no longer be pariahs.

So when Vicky opens her shop one day, she saw a very handsome man in a kilt, who wanted to rent her room and be her accountant / handyman. After having him checked out by her friends, they became housemates, never mind the sizzling attraction between them. Now Rory wants to find out if the unicorn really is the one he is looking for, and Vicky is trying to accept her heritage of a witch. After all, her rhymes do come true lately!
But just when things are progressing nicely between Vicky and Rory, Vicky founds out she has three half sisters, when they land upon her doorstep, out of home and school. Without a second thought, she takes them in her home and her heart, and puts them to work in the shop. And with the four of them, they manage to finally make a nice profit.

But Rory thinks magic ruined his great grandfather’s life, and that of the men who came next. So has to choose between his love for Vicky, who is a witch, and his obligations to his village. And Vicky, with her low self esteem, has to embrace her heritage to be able to control her magic, and go after the man she loves. You just cannot escape your destiny.

A good story, with lots of humor, witty bantering, a naughty cat, ancient but sexy underwear, and a hot Scot in a kilt … And of course some hot love scenes, in real life and in the dreams they strangely enough have shared for months now.

Looking very much forward to the next Annette Blair, which is already in my greedy hands … But first something else.

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