maandag 26 juli 2010

Joanne Pence - Cook's Night Out

The fifth book in the Angie Amalfi series.

Cook's Night Out

Chef Angie Amalfi’s never-ending quest for culinary fame and fortune has led her to create … angelinas, a perfect chocolate confection that no one will be able to resist! Actually the treat is not quite perfected yet and Angie’s donating her scrumptious rejects to San Francisco’s Random Acts of Kindness Mission – and donating her time as a volunteer as well, despite her police detective beau Paavo Smith’s warnings to stay away from the place. Paavo believes there’s something less than saintly going on at the mission – and when he finds himself facing charges of being on the take and a murderer, it’s up to Angie to unearth the unholy doings at Random Acts from the inside. Because suddenly, not only is her boyfriend’s reputation at stake, but his life is as well.

I enjoyed this story, I am growing to like both Angie and Paavo. Angie is looking for more of a commitment from Paavo, but Paavo is having problems with his job, and is not in the mood for talks about their future. So Angie decides to help him. When Paavo warns her to stay away from the mission, as something is very fishy there, she thinks there is no better way to find things out than from the inside. But then they discover Paavo’s old enemy Axel Claw (the man who murdered his sister 20 years ago) is involved. And the stakes are up.
Is the Reverend, the man who motives so many rich people to donate their goods and their time to the auction the mission is holding for money, a fraud? Why can’t Paavo find him in the system? Did he even exist before coming to Los Angeles?
People are murdered all over the city, all connected to an illegal gambling game called numbers, and Paavo’s name keeps popping up. His collegues and Internal Affairs begin to think he really is dirty, and a murdered too. So how can he prove his innocence?

A good story, with a very fitting end. I am curious about the next book which I will start shortly. But first some more historical romances, I think.

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