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Anth. Joanne Fluke - Laure Levine - Leslie Meier - Candy Cane Murder

Candy Cane Murder

'Tis the season for trimming the tree, caroling, baking cookies, and curling up by the Yuletide waiting for Santa to drop down the chimney. But in this festive collection of holiday whodunits, murder is also paying a visit... "Candy Cane Murder" by Joanne Fluke Bakery owner Hannah Swensen feels a little stuffed in her elf costume--but it's too late to count calories. Lake Eden's annual Christmas gala is upon her and eager children are waiting. Wayne Bergstrom, owner of Bergstrom's Department Store, happily ho-ho-hos his way through the festivities in his Santa suit. But when a trail of candy canes leads to his corpse in a snow bank, Hannah must find Kris Kringle's killer.

It’s been a few weeks since I read this story, didn’t stuck too much in my memory. But as the whole series, I liked it. I know Hannah and her sister Andrea investigate. And in the end they find out, that a machine which nets Christmas trees, also nets murders…
Wayne Bergstrom is a known cheapskate, so when he gets murdered, all attention is for who benefits. The wife who doesn’t mourn him a bit, her brother who works for him, or his ex-wife who though he was coming back to her.
But Hannah finds out some suspicious things … Wayne and his wife didn’t sleep together, and is her brother really that? And why didn’t Wayne wave to his ex-wife like he always did when passing her window?

Yes, a good story and not really short luckily for me.
"The Dangers of Candy Canes" by Laura Levine When a wealthy suburbanite takes a lethal tumble off his roof while installing a giant candy cane, the roofing contractor being held responsible for murder asks freelance writer Jaine Austen to investigate. But solving this untimely holiday death means delving into the cutthroat Christmas decorating wars among scheming neighbours with dirty secrets in their stocking. It takes a fruitcake hiding a weapon and a stunning confrontation to expose the mastermind of this holiday murder.

Sorry, I just could not get into this story. The writing style, the really stupid Jaine Austen, who keeps eating and drinking and whining about her weight. I did not finish it.
"Candy Canes of Christmas Past" by Leslie Meier Twenty-some years ago, Lucy Stone arrived in Tinker Cove, Maine, and discovered her knack for solving mysteries when she met Miss Tilly, the town librarian, whose mother took a fatal fall down the basement stairs one Christmas Eve. The "accident" left a cloud of suspicion on Miss Tilly's father and a slew of other suspects. The only clue was a glass candy cane found smashed to bits by the victim's body. Now Lucy must learn the mystery of the glass candy cane as she unlocks the doors of Christmas past, exposing secrets, scandal, and a killer who got away with murder. Whether a gift for yourself or that special someone on your list, there's no better way to spend the holidays than with these tantalizing mysteries of murder... Includes over 15 scrumptious holiday recipes!

I liked this story and the writing style of this author. Have to check her out soon. She has already written lots and lots of books, and I think this story may be the prequel.

Lucy and her husband moved to Tinker Cove, Maine, to life a good life away from the hectic life in New York. They bought an old farmhouse, and her husband is determined to renovate the house by himself. Unfortunately, there is more to do than planned, and he is not really good at it, or fast. So the winter is chilly, with little money to spend on food and even less on Christmas present. Taking care of a two year old, and pregnant with the next one, life is not easy for Lucy.
She has no friends there, no one to talk to. The she meets miss Tilly, the librarian, who tells her about her own past when Lucy comes over to bake the cookies she cannot make at home. And Lucy promises to find out what really happened to her mother all those years ago. Of course, it is also a good way to explore the town and its inhabitants and to make new friends and acquintances.

One by one she eliminates the possible suspects, leaving only the unsuspected truth as the last possibility. Only the glass candy cane will remain a mystery,

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