zaterdag 17 juli 2010

Elizabeth Lowell - Death Echo

The fifth book in the St. Kilda series.

Death Echo

Emma Cross left the CIA because she wanted to lead a "normal" life. A quiet one, investigating things that weren't life or death. St. Kilda Consulting put her to work investigating the theft of a yacht. What could be less urgent than the loss of a rich man's toy?

MacKenzie Durand walked away from a career in the military after bad intel cost the life of everyone on his special ops team except himself. He was tired of life or death situations where death won. Now his biggest worry is taking yachts from Seattle to a boat dealer in Rosario, Washington. Then Emma and Mac find themselves neck deep in mirror-image yachts, international gangsters, and things worse than simple murder. Before they know it, they are back in the world they thought they left behind, fighting for their lives.

I have two sided feelings about this book I have been waiting for for so long. It was good, action filled, but the elaborate plot, I just didn’t get the why of the twin boats. I liked both Emma and Mac a lot, their humor, their actions. And if you like yachting, you will love this book. A lot of time is spent teaching Emma to drive the yacht, and describing the bad weather. A lot of politics, the hate between FBI and CIA, and how that stops them from working together against the foreign enemies like Russia and Georgia in this book. It was really intriguing, and I loved the book, but still.

Nice reading more about Grace and Faroe and their family, but that came a distant third to the plot.

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