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Melissa Mayhue - A highlander's homecoming

The 6th book in the Daughters of the Glen series. A lovely series about Fae, and Scottish Warriors, and Magic, and Timetravelling, and Soulmates finding each other through the boundaries of time.

A highlander's homecoming

Scotland, Present day. When Faerie Magic swept Robert MacQuarrie forward in time, modern medicine saved him from a fatal wound. But he also left behind an unfulfilled vow, to protect his friend’s young daughter, Isabelle. Haunted by guilt for more than a decade, he leaps at the chance to go back and keep that vow. The magic of the Fae works in its own mysterious ways, however. Not only does his homecoming turn out to be twenty years after he left, but there’s also that tricky matter of the fate he escaped before.

Scotland, 1292. Isabella MacGahan has reluctantly chosen a lonely existence, scorned for her Faery blood and uncontrollable power. When she’s caught in a conflict between clans, a pawn in the struggle for power and land, her only option is to trust a handsome stranger. One who swears he was charged with her safety a full twenty years before … although the deluded man seems little older than her.

No one is safe when Mortal schemes and Faerie magic push Robbie and Isabella to confront their worst fears. Will the magic demand the ultimate price from them both – or will they find their true homecoming in each other’s arms?

I do so love those covers! Very romantic, and those glitters make you see the magic happening. But of course, never judge a book by its cover. I have found great books with ugly covers, and vice versa. But in this series, the cover fits the books. I love them.

It has a lot of the things I love in my books: magic, history, romance, a strong hero, but not so macho he has to have his own way all the time, and a strong heroine who knows what she wants and gets it, and does what has to be done.

I am very glad there will be two more books coming out next year, I for one will certainly buy them. I put them on my calendar right away.

In the previous book, the young Leah was abused horridly by the bad Fae. She wants nothing to do with any kind of Fae at all, and Robert agrees to escort her back in time, to his parents Keep. Protecting Leah, and finding Isabella as he promised all those years ago, will mean for him to honor his vow at last.
What he did not expect, was that the Magic delivered them 20 years after he has left. So the little Isabella is a grown woman, and worst of all, a redhead! With the temper to fit. When Isabella refuses to go with him to his parents Keep, he vows to stay with her in her little cottage. But politics in her grandfathers Keep place her in the midst of danger. Her cousin wants her dead, a man who wants to take control of the MacGahan lands wants her for his wife, but Isabella just wants to be left alone. Where she can hurt no one with her uncontrollable powers. So why doesn’t this gorgeous warrior leave her alone as she wishes? Why does he keep tempting her?

Robbie doesn’t know why he is so attracted to Isabella, but finally he recognises her as his Soulmate, and it doesn’t take him long to convince her of this truth. But then danger sneaks up on them, and they are brought back to MacGahan Keep. Where Robert is thrown in the dungeon, and Isabella is forced to wed the MacDowylt to keep him alive.

Coming back in time has not been good to Robbie. The fatal wound he got in the past but survived in the future, is regressing back to its original state, and it will kill him if he doesn’t go back to the future. So when they do escape and make it back home, they have just enough time to do just that.

An important secondary character is the boy Jamie. Who just might be Isabella’s uncle … and heir to her grandfathers clan and property. They save his life as well, and take him with them to the future. I wonder if he will go back one day to take his rightful place …

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