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Donna Fletcher - Remember the magic

Remember the magic

It's been 500 years since Sydney Wyrrd fled the Scottish Highlands, fearing her presence would bring harm to her beloved. Only through divine intervention – and the help of her friends and fellow witches Tempest and Michael - has she been able to return to 1564 … and to Duncan, the brave chieftain who captured her heart all those years ago.

Ever since the day she disappeared, Duncan has been haunted by thoughts of the beautiful witch who stole his heart. But believing he’d never again set eyes on Sydney, he promised to take the daughter of a nearby clan chieftain as his wife – a union that will benefit both clans. A man of his word, he can’t imagine breaking off his engagement – not even when Sydney returns. But for how long can he deny the passion she has reawakened – or resist the enduring love that still burns between them?

Well, whoever wrote that backcover, did not really read the book. Duncan is not engaged but only thinking about it.

Ever since she left Duncan 400 years ago, Sydney kept thinking about him, missing him, loving him. Submerging herself in her studies with Tempest, the Ancient One, and others, she has learned much. She has travelled the world several times, but always returns to Scotland. Where she grew up, where she loved Duncan. Now she has been given the chance to go back for a second chance at love with Duncan, and she grabs it with both hands.

For Duncan, thirteen years have gone by. He lives, he leads his clans, but he has never been truly happy. He always kept loving and missing Sydney. He never married, as his sister wants so very much for him to be happy, to lead his clan and have children who will lead it when he is gone.
Then one day, on his daily walk in the forest, he sees Sydney again. Is she real this time, or just another vision of the past? But she seems to be aged a little, and she has a black wolf at her side, that never happened before. And if she is real, will she finally tell him why she left him? And will she stay this time?

At first the villagers are glad Sydney is back, as she has healed many of them in her time. And of course she keeps healing them now. But soon the talk of witch craft starts, and people start to fear her, accuse her of evil doings. How can Duncan protect the woman he loves, and his clan at the same time? His sister keeps sowing doubt in his mind and heart. Does he truly love her, or did she cast a spell on him?

Then, Sydney feels there is really dark magic at work. A warlock must be nearby, causing the troubles and strife in the village, as that makes his powers grow. And Duncan’s very own sister is under his spell, helping him, but thinking it is for the good of the people and her brother. So Duncan wishes for help to arrive, and Tempest and Michael, Ali and Sebastian and Sarina and Dagon arrive to help them. Together they unmask the warlock, but the evil has begon, and Sydney will no longer be safe in that time.

Will she leave Duncan again, or will he follow her this time?

I truly loved this book, have been looking forward to reading it ever since I read the first three books about the others. It is a lovely story about love and magic, and that love is magic, and wisdom. The message is simple: there is love for everyone, and love conquers all.

I liked all the characters I have met in the book, and am sorry there will be no more in this lovely setting. There is humor too, and passion. And of course the little fairy Beatrice.

A great series just to relax with, and to make you believe. Believe in love. And magic.

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