woensdag 13 oktober 2010

Lynn Viehl – Dreamveil

The second book in the Kyndred series.


Rowan Dietrich knows how hard life can be. After running away from her abusive home life, she struggled to survive on the streets. The brutal lessons she learned while there, still resonate in her mind and heart. Now she wants to start anew, find a job, and keep her identity as a Kyndred – as well as her ability to “dreamveil” herself into the object of others desires – secret.

She isn’t using her gift when world-class chef Jean-Marc Dansant helps her after a motorcycle spill. He’s genuinely attracted to Rowan’s own beauty and strength. But just as Rowan begins to find a life for herself, the GenHance corporation pursues her, eager to take her back where she was created. And a bounty hunter hired by a ruthless millionaire wants Rowan for his own sinister reasons …

Rowan is on her way to Boston, and just passing New York. She vowed never to come back, but her past is luring her in. She needs to visit her old places, the cemetery where the two old woman lie buried. Then she is in a freak accident, where her motorcycle gets smashed. In an ally, behind a famous restaurant. The owner, Jean-Marc Dansant insists he cleans her wounds, and then he offers her a job and a place to stay, until she has paid of her debts to him. He is the most gorgeous man she ever sees, and Rowan is very attracted to him, until he says something that makes her think he is gay. Which, of course, he is not.

Her new place is a little apartment above the restaurant, with only one other apartment, and a bathroom she has to share with the other resident. An other gorgeous man, Sean, who is also a mechanic and can fix her bike.

Rowan enjoys working in the kitchen, even though it is as the lowest of the low. She learns a lot watching Jean-Marc cook, and doing jobs for the other chefs.

Then there is this run-away child in the alley, which reminds Rowan of herself at that age, and she leaves food for the girl, hoping one day she will trust her, and let her help her. Little could she know the girl took her place when she ran away, twisted and tormented by their “father” the mega rich Gerald King. The man used Rowan to turn her into his lost daughter Alana, and now he is trying surgery to turn Taire into Alana. But just like Rowan, Taire has her own powers. Which shouldn’t be possible, for the Kyndred should not be younger than 20, or did the experiments continue after all?

It really is a strange story, and I was glued to the pages, finishing it. Rowan falls in love with both Jean-Marc and Sean, even though they are so very different. And both guys are really in love with her, as her dreamveil reveals to her. How can that be? A lifetime without love, and now two guys at once? How will she ever choose between them? Luckily for her, she won’t have to, as they are one and the same … With no memories of the other, they share the same body, only their looks are totally not the same. A freak accident no one can explain, made them into one.

In the mean time, her friends are worried sick that she didn’t contact them. And when Rowan finds out, Jean-Marc used his tricks on her, she is furious. And worried he might actually be a vampire. After all, he never eats, he is only around at night, yes he cooks delicious dinners but he never tastes it. So when she gets him to eat an apple in front of her, she is really relieved.

When at the opera one night, Jean-Marc runs into Alexandra, who at first mistakes him for Michael. Then later she realises he looks like Michael used to, before the torture and her surgery took care of that. He might be a relative of Michaels! If so, she has to find him, she needs his DNA to match it to Michaels, to look what it used to be before the change came over him. But all she knows is his first name, how can they ever find a person in such a large city as New York?

The intrigue at GenHance continues too. The chief of security has secrets of his own, it appears. And when the woman spy tries to seduce him, they strangely fall into love with each other, and in stead of killing her, he rescues her, but they can never be together, not for a very long time.

A great story, I am really looking forward to the next book in this series.

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