vrijdag 15 oktober 2010

No idea what to read next

Do you know that feeling? Thousands of books to choose from, both in paper and in bytes, and just not knowing what you will be reading next?

I have been staring at my shelves for over an hour, contemplating. What am I in the mood for? What will it be? Another historical romance? A paranormal, a cozy mystery? Or an oldfashioned contemporary romance novel? Nothing really caught my attention. So Freya, it really is time we re-arrange my collection I guess.

At long last, I have chosen for Jayne Castle - After Dark. I have tried this one before, but got stuck halfway. And I really want to read this series, as I am so very curious about the dustbunny's in the next books! So wish me luck and concentration, so I will get through this one.

1 opmerking:

  1. When I have this problem it either suits me to pick a contemporary one or re-read one of my favourites. Sometimes it's so overwhelming to stare at novels I still have unread on my shelves!