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Jayne Castle – Silver Master

The fifth book in the Harmony World series, published in 2007.

Silver Master

Fleeing a lurid scandal, matchmaker Celinda Ingram arrived in Cadence City desperate for a new start. Known for her strong para-resonator abilities, she is able to match up clients by reading their psi waves. It’s this talent that sets her body tingling when security specialist Davis Oakes shows up at her office.

A formidable psychic himself, Davis is trying to track down a powerful relic that Celinda supposedly bought as a toy for her pet dust bunny. Trying to wrest the ruby red object from the suspicious duo nearly drains Davis of the energy he’ll need to keep his growing desire for Celinda in check – and to keep her safe from those who will do anything to possess the relic …

Another great story about a couple with new and different psy-powers. Celinda is a powerful psychic, who can see the psy waves other people have, kind of like an aura I guess, and so can see which couple are a perfect match. She was driven out of Frequence City when she rejected to help a powerful guild man, almost the new boss of the Frequence City Guild, her services. She could she he was twisted, evil, and mad. So he took revenge by abducting her and destroying her reputation. The added threat against her family kept her quiet and made her leave her home town for Cadence City. She has been trying to build a new life there. A new job with a top matchmaking agency, a pet dust bunny called Araminta to spoil, and a little apartment.

Then one day she gets a visit from a police inspector, called Detective Alice Martinez, and a very expensive private investigator, who is working for the Guild. The other day she bought a very inexpensive reliq at an antiques store, because her dust bunny wanted it. And now it seems to be stolen from the Guild vault, and naturally, the Guild Boss wants it back. But just as Celinda is handing it over, her dust bunny grabbed it and ran of with it. So that took care of that part. The moment Celina sees Davis Oakes in her office, she knows he is her very own Mr. Perfect. Davis also feels the strong psy waves between them, and he asks her out to dinner that very same evening. When they get back to her apartment, after a strange encounter with a would be car thief, and find it burglarized, his mission changes. He will be her new bodyguard and accompany her to her sisters wedding the next day as her boyfriend. Until the artefact is found, Celinda is in danger. She has no choice but to trust Davis. Though she is not thrilled about introducing him to her large family.

They do seem to like Davis though, and are happy that after the scandal four months ago, she has found someone new. But then Benson Landry arrives at the hotelroom to threaten Celinda some more. Somehow, the mad doctor who is after the artefact himself, has gotten hold of Landry and gotten his help in retrieving the artefact from Celinda. But Davis saves the day, and in doing so, tells her brother the truth: why she left town, and what really happened four months ago. Lucinda doesn’t want to spoil her sisters wedding, and convinces them to keep quiet for the time being.

Later that night, on their way back to Cadence City, they run in trouble with a lot of Ghost Hunters, hired by Landry to catch them. They escape in some catacombs at an old ruin Celinda visited many years ago with her family, and there she finally sees what Davis is capable of: pulling silver ghost light to de-rezz the ghosts the enemy makes, and going invisible to knock them unconscious. Unfortunately, burning that much amber exhausts him, and Celinda barely manages to get him aboveground and in the car again. Davis is falling into a coma, just like a few months ago when he rescued a little kidnapped girl, and Celinda has no choice but to use the relic with her own particular psy-talent to heal his para senses.

Back in Cadence, they still have to unravel the loose ends: find the docter who is after all of this, and the ghost hunter who pulled that double ghost on them. Davis promises Celinda that the Guild will take care of Landry … But in the end, she just has to do it all herself.

Celinda is pertinent that the relic will not end up back in the vault, it has so much potential to heal psy-disturbances, she wants it handed over to a medical laboratory for testing. Of course, the other use is as a weapon, and she is afraid that the Guild will just lock it away. But there are so few people who will be able to use the relic, so few people with her particular talent. So now she just has to convince Mercer Wyatt of that fact ...

Of course, the dust bunny’s stole the show a few times. Davis has his own dust bunny called Max, and he surely hits it of with Araminta. Will there be little dust bunny’s in a few weeks? The fact that she suddenly eats more than a grown man seems to imply that it is her mating season …

I loved Celinda, she is a very strong woman, who will not be denied. And Davis, after he got burned by a matchmaker once, he certainly has no belief in them anymore. But Celinda is just perfect for him, and he cannot get her out of his mind. He wants her as his wife, and he will do anything to convince her of that fact.

A great mix of romance and paranormal suspense, with lots of humor and great primary and secondary characters. I really loved it, and will read the next book in this great series very soon. Of course you can complain that it is all the same format, and of course you are right, but it works, and I love it. The writing style, the characters, the surroundings, the new psy powers invented. It is just the thing I like.

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