dinsdag 19 oktober 2010

New additions to my addiction

I have ordered a large amount of books at The Bookdepository last week, and I was very pleased to find the first shipment on my doormat today. As they ship each book in its own bubble-envelope, I almost couldn't open my front door.

Susan Sizemore - Primal Instincts
Laura Childs - Tragic Magic
Sabrina Jeffries - A hellion in her bed
Lara Adrian - Taken by midnight
Bertrice Small - The border vixen
Tamar Myers - 8 books

For the observant reader, yes I did buy The border vixen earlier. But that copy got waterdamaged, and I was very upset about it, so I just had to have a new copy. Lucky for me, with the currant exchange rates, it was a lot cheaper.

I spend a large part of the weekend re-arranging my bookshelves, with the help of my friend Freya, who was salivating over some very nice 3D-covers. My boyfriend asked: you have all those books still to read, and you still order more? Well, what can I say, I am a bookaddict!
If all my favourite authors keep writing new books, I keep buying them.

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