woensdag 1 juni 2011

Books to look forward to for June 2011

This month's list is extremely long, with lots of goodies on it:
Lori Handeland – Crave the Moon – Night Creature 11
Lara Adrian – Deeper than midnight – Midnight Breed 9
Laurell K. Hamilton – Hit List – Anita Blake 20 HC
Catherine Coulter – Split Second – FBI 15 HC
Sally MacKenzie – The naked King – naked 7
JD Robb – Time of Death – In death 40
J.R. Ward – The Rebel
Lorna Barrett – Sentenced to Death – Booktown mystery 5
Yasmine Galenorn – Ilona Andrews ea - Hexed – Anthology
Karen Chance – Hunt the Moon – Cassie Palmer 5
Deborah Cooke – Flying Blind – Dragon Diaries 1
Alyssa Day – Vampire in Atlantis – Warriors of Poseidon 7
Carolyn Jewel – My dangerous pleasure – Immortal 4
Johanna Lindsey – When passion rules – HC
Maggie Sefton – Unraveled – Knitting mysteries 9 – HC
Juliet Blackwell – Hexes and hemlines – Witchcraft Mystery 3
Allyson James – Shadowwalker – Stormwalker 3

Are there some of your favourites coming out?

Last month I read 22 books, which is very good of course. Only one of them was on my list for April, which is bad, but I have to admit, most of those books are still not here.

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  1. I really have to ask, are you still enjoying the Anita Blake series? Twenty books is a huge series.

    I read the first 4 books last year and just couldn't get into them. In fact I pretty much hated Anita. I've been told that if I had started reading the series when it first came out I would have liked it more.

  2. Yes, I love the Anita Blake series. And I know, you hate them or love them. Most people hate the amount of sex in the later books, but it just fits the overall story line.
    Did you try her other series, the Meredith Gentry series? Perhaps that is more to your liking.

  3. I am looking forward to Lorna Barrett's newest. It's a fun series. The only release I am looking forward to that I can think of is the DVD of True Grit.

  4. I accidentally picked up the Meredith Gentry series out of order. The one I read had LOTS of sex in it and not a lot of story. I've looked it up on Goodreads and it seems like a story line I'd like, but something that has to be read in order.

  5. Yes, those really should be read in order, as the story just continues where it stopped in the previous book. And the lot of sex has two reasons: one, she needs to get pregnant, fast. and two, through her the Goddess brings the magic back to the Fae.