vrijdag 10 juni 2011

New additions to my addiction (yes, again!)

Twelve sparkling new books reached my home today:

Robin Paige - Death at Daisy's Folly
Robin Paige - Death at Devil's Bridge
Robin Paige - Death at Epsom Downs
Robin Paige - Death at Glamis Castle
Robin Paige - Death at Rottingdean
Robin Paige - Death in Hyde Park
J.K. Beck - When Blood Calls
J.K. Beck - When pleasure rules
Shannon K. Butcher - Finding the Lost
Jennifer Lyon - Night Magic
Alexis Morgan - The Darkness Beyond
Roxanne St. Claire - Edge of Sight
Roxanne St. Claire - Face of Danger
Roxanne St. Claire - First you run
Roxanne St. Claire - Shiver of Fear

I've ordered all the books by Roxanne St. Claire, so there are still a lot of them under way. I really wish the Bookdepository would choose a new post delivery company here in Holland.

Going away for the weekend, to a place without internet (shivering already), but I do hope to read some good books.

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  1. Very cool! Have fun! I have one or two Robin Paige books on Mt Git'r'Read....have to find them...