donderdag 9 juni 2011

New additions to my addiction

When the buying fever from the discount at The Bookdepository finally cooled down, I was a bit ashamed at myself for spending so much money on books. So I told myself sternly: no more new books this year! (well, until the next discount action that is). But, that did not mean, no secondhand books! So when I saw Miriam cleaning up her bookshelves again, I could not resist buying a stack of mostly brandnew unread books from her (and neither could my BF Freya). So the box arrived today, and my share are the following lovely books, mostly historical romances:

Claire Delacroix: The Rose Red Bride
Gaelen Foley - My dangerous duke
Gaelen Foley - My wicked marquess
Donna Grant - Dangerous highlander
Donna Grant - Forbidden highlander
Donna Grant - Wicked highlander
Lois Greiman - Charming the devil
Lois Greiman - Seduced by your spell
Lois Greiman - Unde your spell
Miranda Jarret - Sparhawk's angel
Johanna Lindsey - The heir
Cindy Miles - Sprited away
Bertrice Small - The love slave
Melody Thomas - Passion and Pleasure in London

If you are interested in the link to her webshop to see if I left something great behind, send me an email ;)

Not much reading time tonight too, I have two reviews to write.

2 opmerkingen:

  1. It's all your fault! Your buying fever was catching and now I have all these books!
    It's great getting all these books in my mailbox.