dinsdag 7 juni 2011

New additions to my addiction

My boyfriend (who works nights) woke up from a loud noise from the mailbox today. 14 books reached my home today, so I was really happy! Now if only I had some more reading time...

From the Bookdepository:
Patricia Briggs - Silver Borne
Shannon K. Butcher - Living nightmare
Shannon K. Butcher - Love you to death
Shannon K. Butcher - No escape
Shannon K. Butcher - No regrets
Shannon K. Butcher - Running scared
Alyssa Day - Atlantis Betrayed
Carolyn Jewel - My dangerous pleasure
Carolyn Jewel - My forbidden desire
Karen Hawkins - Scandal in Scotland
Jennifer Lyon - Blood Magic
Jennifer Lyon - Soul Magic
Robin Paige - Death at whitechapel

and a signed book by Stefanie Sloane - The devil in disguise, which I won in a contest at one of the blogs I follow :) with signed miniature bookplates by the author too! Yeah, I love swag!

O, and Freya, I also got 6 bookmarks ;)

6 opmerkingen:

  1. You were on a Shannon K Butcher spree? Never read her books.

  2. Hi Susi, thanks for becoming a follower :).
    Yes, I could not resist the discount at the Bookdepository, and a friend has been raving about her books for years now. And I needed a new romantic suspense author, and her new paranormal series also sounds great, so I thought, I order everything they have. I only miss the first book and some stand-alones.

  3. So many books!
    And I so love swag myself!
    Happy reading :)

  4. @Aurian I so know what you mean. I get these shopping sprees too often LOL Let me know what you think about her books.

  5. Thats mean. I only got one! And I bought almost as many books as you did!