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Jayne Ann Krentz – Lady’s Choice

A stand alone novel, published 1989.

Lady's Choice

He had a plan…
After one night of passionate intimacy, Travis Sawyer realized he’d taken his need for revenge too far. Juliana Grant was under his skin and in the way. And now there was no turning back.

She had a choice…
Somehow Juliana had fallen in love with a man determined to get even with her. Well, she could play the game, too. Travis owed her and she intended to see that he paid his debs in full.

The moment Travis walked into the door of her coffee shop, Charisma Espresso, Juliana new he was the one. She was going to marry him. Now she only needed him to get aware of that fact. When she found out he was a business consultant, she hired him on the spot. What better way to get together often, right? And when after a month of dating, they shared a fantastic night together, she knew it was time. But when she mentioned getting married, Travis had no idea what she was talking about. He never hinted at that, had he? He came back to Jewel Cove to get his revenge on her family, and never intended for her to get involved, but from the moment he met her, he was fascinated by Juliana. He normally doesn’t take clients this small, but he made an exception for Juliana, and a very low fee for it. And yes, their night together was spectacular, but marriage?
Juliana is hurt at first, she loves him, and he is perfect for her, and of course she is the perfect woman for him, how can he not see that? So she throws him out of her condo, and gives him one month to come to his senses and realize he loves her too, and to propose to her.
Of course Travis doesn’t want to lose her, but this next Saturday she is going to hate his guts when he reveals his plans to her family. 5 years ago they offered him a third part ownership in their resort if he could get it back on track, which he did. But when his engagement with Elly went through, so when the deal. He got nothing for his efforts. Juliana was not in town at that moment, so she has no idea who he is. But the resort is in big financial problems again, and this time he will get it all…
But Juliana doesn’t want to give up on them so soon, and proposes a deal. If he rescues the resort again, and this time from himself!, she will agree to a partnership with him in Charisma Espresso. Travis agrees, even though he doesn’t believe he can save the resort and thinks so. But Juliana has every faith in him. Juliana wants to open a chain of teashop’s. Because she herself prefers tea over coffee, she is certain there are lots more tea drinkers out there. Travis doesn’t believe that (of course, he is a coffee drinker), and tries to hold her back. And as she agreed to a partnership, she cannot really precede until he agrees with her ideas.
Her family believes Travis is taking advantage of her, taking his revenge out on her, but Juliana loves him, and she believes he loves her back. If only he will let himself believe it.

After all the paranormal violence in the previous books, I needed something light to relax with, and Lady’s Choice was just the thing. Jayne Ann Krentz is one of my favourite all time authors, I just love her writing style and her humor, her strong heroes and heroines.

I loved Juliana, she is such a vibrant personality, she has build her coffee shop from the ground. She has always been the strong one in the family, lots of men have fallen in love with her, proposed to her, and then within 24 hours reconsidered it, as she is just too much woman for most men. To vibrant, to sure of herself. But Travis is different. His childhood was not so easy, but he made himself a huge success. But can he believe in a lasting love, and a lasting marriage? His parents are divorced and remarried, and more interested in their new families than in him, except of course when he can help out his siblings with money. He has been married before, which did not work out either. So why would Juliana love him for real?

A book filled with humor, and great characters. I confess, I did not like Elly much, as she is the weak type of woman but she was only a secondary character.

8,5 stars

And now I have a question for you, my readers, as well:
Do you prefer coffee or tea? Would you go to a tea shop if there was one around to try out all kinds of different tea’s? Because Juliana says a lot of tea drinkers prefer buying coffee they don’t really like over a cup of bad tea (lukewarm water with a teabag).
I myself am a teadrinker.

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  1. What..I do not get it. Why would I buy a cup of coffee over bad tea. Nope, I would take bad tea since coffee suck! ;)

    So I do not agree with Juliana

  2. I never read her books but it sounds nice. I love funny books- my little soft spot.

    And I'm a coffee addict through and through. But I have a tea collection for winter. So I actually enjoy both- tea only in winter though.