donderdag 9 juni 2011

Leann Sweeney – Dead giveaway

The third book in the Yellow Rose Mysteries series, published November 2005.

Dead giveaway

Texas heiress Abby Rose has everything a gal could want. But as a new PI specializing in adoption, she’s more focused on what money can’t buy – like answers in a case of a baby abandoned years ago…

Superstar college athlete Will Knight was once a baby abandoned on a doorstep. And when he hires Abby to locate his birth family, her only clues are an expensive baby blanket – and Verna Mae, the woman who found him. But just days after meeting with Abby, Verna Mae is murdered. Perhaps she knew more than she let on to Abby … maybe even enough to upset someone with big money and a big secret. Abby’s search for answers will take her from the Huntsville state prison to the poshest parts of Houston. But somebody has already decided that she’s asking too many questions…

Another great book by Leann Sweeney! I very much enjoyed reading it. As I don’t want to spoil anything in this fast paced cozy mystery, you will have to make do with the blurb.
Abby Rose took me on a wild chase for the truth, and even though she gets hurt herself, she just doesn’t give up! I like her boyfriend, homicide inspector Sergeant Jeff Kline, as well. Even though Abby is working as a PI, he wants to work together as they both think her old case is connected with his new case. He gives her tips, and help from colleagues to get into places she normally would not have been welcome.
The story kept intriguing me, and I kept guessing after the truth. It stayed exciting till the end, and then, wow! But what a sweet ending as well.
Of course Abby her sister Kate appears in this book as well, but her aunt Caroline has only one small appearance. Which doesn’t bother me, as Abby doesn’t like her and her meddling very much. There were also those really funny Texan sayings again. Abby sure does crack me up now and then. Abby is a very sweet person because of her big heart, if she sees something she can help with, she takes care of it. Personally or financially. She is also determined to go her own way, and won’t give up on the search, no matter what.

It is the third in a series, though I believe you can read it as a stand alone mystery. Every book has its own mystery, only the personal parts, relationships and family, move forward.

9 stars.

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  1. Never heard of this series before. But I have to admit I'm not sure if mystery is the right genre for me. Sounds really nice though.