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Annette Blair – Bedeviled Angel

The second book in the Works like Magick series, published August 3, 2010.
Genre: paranormal romance
Cover: nice

Bedeviled Angel

I’ve read this book for the first time in October 2010, and absolutely loved it. It is one of the best books I have ever read. So, when I was feeling out of sorts last night, and nothing was good enough, I picked this book up again, and started re-reading it. And I am very happy, I still loved it, and I still think it is one of the best books I have ever read. And I really do read lots of good and great books a year. So, I’ve decided to repost my review, something I never do with re-reads, but this book deserves the extra attention.

At the Works like Magick employment agency in Salem, Massachusetts, matching clients in need with magical temps is a piece of cake, especially when the temp happens to be heaven sent …
When Queisha Saint-Denis agreed to be a surrogate mother for a jet-setting – but childless – couple, she never dreamed she’d see a return on her gift. Literally. But now she’s looking at two adorable orphans, who come with a lot of baggage: there’s a battle brewing over who “inherits” them and their huge fortune, plus an unwanted (and alarmingly attractive) guardian, whom she’s sure has been hired by the duelling family members to keep an eye on her more than the children.
Chance Godricson is keeping an eye on Queisha. In fact, he’s her guardian angel. Ever since he gave his life to save hers, Chance has felt an undeniable connection to Queisha. And now that he’s back on Earth, in her house, surrounded by two scene-stealing moppets and a woman he finds irresistible, Chance is about to discover that helping Queisha and still staying angelic is not going to be easy.

Queisha has had a difficult life. She was adopted at age one, by a couple. The woman loved her very much, but she died when Queisha was eleven. Her adopted father only tolerated her in his house, and kicked her out when she got pregnant at sixteen. The baby died at birth, and Queisha was taken up in the wheels of Child Services. She developed her agoraphobia then, the fear of leaving the house. When her Social worker tried to help her deal with it, by taking her shopping, an earthquake or something happened. A man died while saving her life, and he told her to life for two. Some time later, a relative from her birthmother died and left Queisha her entire fortune and her enormous home in Salem. So Queisha moved there, bringing the world to her, but never stepping outside, she only ventured on the yellow brick patio near the house. But not a foot on the grass or in her very lovely garden.
Through the advice of Vivica, the owner of Works Like Magick, she agreed to become a surrogate mother. Being pregnant with some one else’s child, giving birth to it, and then giving it up. She never thought it would be so hard to give her twins away.
But now their mountain climbing parents are lost somewhere, and as she is appointed their guardian, the girls are fetched from their boarding school in Switzerland, and brought to Queisha. Two little six year old girls in uniforms, not knowing how to play, who have never been cuddled or tickled or anything. So why did those people want children and not take care of them? But Queisha is determined to make them enjoy life as much as she can, even though she herself is too afraid to leave the house.
So here is Chance. Her new cook to take care of the cooking, as Queisha doesn’t know how. The girls will need nutritious meals after all. He can also escort them outside when necessary.

Ever since he gave his life to save that of the young woman he was trapped with in that mall, Chance watched her from above. He became her guardian angel, and took really good care of her, sometimes to the neglect of his other charges. He loves her. This change in her life is going to be so hard on her, she is going to need him! And then his friend Angus pushes him from heaven to earth, and instead of going right back, he is going to Queisha, to be her co-guardian, to help her. But being on earth, gives him back all his mortal desires. And man, does he desire Queisha! His losing his silver feathers (for chastity) is prove enough of that. Queisha is wondering why they keep finding those beautiful feathers, and as Chance cannot lie to her, him being an angel and all, he has to tell her the truth. But of course she doesn’t believe him.
Until they make love and his wings appear! Now he has to tell her everything, and he is determined to help her overcome her phobia, so that she can take the very best of care of Skye and Lace herself, for when he has to go back to heaven. He knows he cannot stay, even though they are soulmates, and so very much in love.
So they fight to keep the girls, they even marry to provide them with a whole family. But they both know he cannot stay with her for long…

I adored this book. Of course, I cannot imagine what agoraphobia does to a real person, but I loved Queisha and Chance and the little girls. This book is written with so much passion, such real characters, such humor and love. You just have to keep reading.
The descriptions of the house, the many rooms there are, the angelic world. If only it could be real.

10 stars

Love this book

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  1. Oh this sounds good. I'm also glad I don't know what agoraphobia does to a person, but I like the sound of him helping her overcome that phobia. Oh I am adding it to my wishlist!

    1. I really love this book. It is fun, it is emotional, and is just great.

  2. This good? Ohhhhh :D You caught my attention

  3. Oh I didn't know this book, lol now you'll defintely make me try it. thanks!

  4. YEAH! I read the first one and really liked it :) I am glad to hear the series continues strong!