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Gini Koch - Three Card Monte

The second story in the Martian Alliance series, published October 11, 2012.
Genre: sci fi / sci fi romance
Cover: cute

Three card monte

When their favorite bookie pulls up stakes from Roulette and moves to Polliworld, the crew of the Hummingbird go to find out why, and hopefully get a cut of the action, but they end up caught in a high stakes game of chance that could destroy them.

This short story is well over a hundred pages, and I enjoyed learning more about the history of Gini Koch’s universe, and why the crew of the Hummingbird is doing what they do so well. Fighting for a good cause, in secret, and for a profit, as their cause needs a lot of money.
When they find out their favourite casino owner has moved to Polliworld, where Bullfrog is from. Polliworld is a swamp world, home of flies and Pollifrogs. Other beings are only comfortable in Pollisuits, to keep out the damp and the insects, and the snakes. So why did Monte the Leech open up a casino there? Sure, Pollifrogs love to gamble, but who would want to visit, other than scientists?
Something is of in the casino, and how come there is no security against psychics? Most worlds and all the casino’s make them wear special headgear to prevent them from using their powers to rig the games or such.
And how can Monte be working with the Diamante Families and the Polliworld Underground to establish a whole new casino city on a dead moon? Is he playing an elaborate game? If it all goes to hell, it is Polliworld who will suffer the wrath of the Diamante Families. They will have to prevent that.

I really enjoyed this story, with DeeDee in the lead. She is a shapeshifter, and cannot “just” alter her shape, but also her mind and thoughts, to copy those of the person or being she is imitating, gaining their strengths as well. It sure comes in handy when they have to make a quick escape from the casino.
Roy is the Captain, and her boyfriend, and he is very protective and jealous of her, but she can handle him. She is more than capable of looking after herself, but sometimes it is nice to be looked after. And is there some romance in the air between two other very different crew members?

It is a fast paced story, with intergalactical intrigue, and I am looking forward to the next story. Perhaps some more background on one of the other teammembers?

8 stars

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  1. Lol Polliword, yup Gini is the best :)
    Bwt, did I tell you or not? I did used to get these emails from the publisher. But I never have the time for ebooks..but you..want me to tell them about you?

  2. I can't wait to read more about this crew either!

    1. Hi Colette, it is a fun series, and if the stories keep getting longer, all the better :)

  3. wow I didn't even know this one. Well maybe because it's released this month. But I don't know if it's for me, me and the Sci-fi don't like each other lol.

    1. Then try something else Melliane, like her Night Beat book. And if you like her writing style, you might try an other genre after all.