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Misty Evans – Dancing with the Devil

The fifth story (step) in the Witches Anonymous series, published October 28, 2012.
Genre: urban fantasy / paranormal romance
Cover: festive

Dancing with the Devil

One step forward…
Ex-witch Amy Atwood has never wanted anyone the way she wants Lucifer. As she tackles Step 5 of Witches Anonymous—atoning for the sins she committed as his right-hand witch—she may actually land him and the magic-free life she desires.
Two steps back…
But when an ancient curse is revealed, a heavenly force determined to remove Lucifer from her life traps Amy between giving into her love for him and saving the souls of her family and friends.
Will this be the end for Amy and Lucifer?
As the war between good and evil reaches a tipping point, Amy must rely on the devil she knows—and can’t resist—to break the curse and help her redeem the souls she’s damned to spend eternity in Hell. Souls Lucifer has no intention of giving up.

Amy Atwood is still trying to become a good witch, after being very bad for a while. She is the Devil’s lover, and she just can’t seem to get over him. And of course, he has no intention of letting her go without a fight, he truly loves her. God and his Archangels also want nothing more than to break them up. Gabriel even gave her the Mark of Cain on her forehead, meant to repel evil. Meaning, that when the Devil gets close, the Mark repels him. And it really is the death for her lovelife!
And this time, Luc gets repelled so hard, he makes a whole right through the floor of her house, through her shop beneath it, and into Purgatory. Freeing some of those send there for punishment, angels, vampires and demons alike. And without Luc there to seal it back up, Amy needs help to fight them, to keep them from roaming free into the world. To her surprise, one unknown angel is already battling them, and her guardian angel (who really dislikes her) is on his way. The three of them will have to seal the hole, but for that, Amy needs to use her magic. Which is not something she wants to do, not even in an emergency like this.

Amy is still trying to go through life without using magic, which is why she joined Witches Anonymous in the first place, and to atone for her sins. She is really worried about all the souls she reaped for the Devil when she was his consort.

This story really gives Amy some answers, and it surprised me enormously. Misty Evans sure has a lot of imagination. Amy learns more about her past, who her parents are, and what has happened to her, at the beginning of time.

I very much enjoyed this short story, and even though it is the fifth in the series, and I have only read the first one so far I did not feel lost. I enjoy Misty Evans’ writing style, her characters, and how she makes the strange so real.
It has the Devil, a very hot man named Luc, and lots of Angels, Archangels and witches. But don’t worry, it is not really religious, although some history out of the bible is used to reference the Archangels, and other biblical figures are living in this world, like Adam and Eve, Samson and Delilah.
I really like Amy, who is trying so hard to stay good, and make up for what she did while her soul belonged to the Devil. And I am very curious what will happen in the next book, now Amy knows her past.
And Luc keeps coming to her rescue, I loved him, even when he changed in his other form. He can be scary, but Amy can tame him.

I do know, I am going to search for the other stories in this series, and read them.

8 stars

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