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Debbie Macomber – Brides for Brothers

The first book in the Midnight Sons series, published in 1995.
Genre: contemporary romance
Cover: bleh, I have the duology which has a lovely but tiny view of Alaska. Flowers, tundra and huskies and mountains.

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The mostly male population of Hard Luck, Alaska, is about to swell – because the O’Halloran brothers, who run a bush-pilot charter service called Midnight Sons, have launched a campaign to bring women to their hometown.
Sawyer O’Halloran is not entirely in favor of his brothers’ scheme. He considers himself immune to the charms of any woman – until Abbey Sutherland shows up in Hard Luck, anxious to start over, and with two adorable kids in tow!

Midnight Sons is losing pilots due to the lack of women in Hard Luck, Alaska. And so the men come together to think up some kind of scheme to get more women in to town. Not that they are eager to marry them, o now, but the would love some female companionship. And so they start creating some jobs for them. But where will they live? There are no houses available in town … But the O’Halloran brothers own some hunting cabins their father build many years ago, and perhaps those can be made ready for some females? They are only one room cabins, with no indoor plumbing or electricity. No female would want to live there! But Sawyer O’Halloran is outvoted, and the guys combine forces to clean and repair the cabins. And to sweeten the deal, the women will get the cabins rent free, and also a 20 acre parcel of land. Not the land where the cabin is situated, but at the other side of town …

Abby Suterhand is down on her luck. She is divorced with two small children, and has a hard time making ends meet. She is living in Seattle, but she longs for small town life. Her landlord just told her the rent will be raised next month, and her boss tells her, her job will be terminated due to budget cuts in three months. And so Abby will have no choice but to go live with her parents if she cannot find a new job soon. So when she finds the advertisement in the paper about jobs for women in Alaska, she thinks a dream comes true. Against her parents advice, she applies for the job of librarian and is hired. She sells everything she owns, and get with her children on the plane to Alaska. Finally arrived in Fairbanks, she is met by Sawyer O’Halloran, who is horrified when he finds out she has two children. She cannot possible live in that one room cabin with two small children! And so he tries his best to send her back to Seattle, but Abby won’t budge. She just cannot go back. Not even when he is leaving all their luggage behind so they will all fit in the small plane he brought for the mail run and to pick her up.

Of course Abby is horrified when she sees the tiny cabin she is supposed to live in, but she is determined to make it work. Her two children soon find new friends, and love it there. But for now it is summer in Alaska, and it is gorgeous and nicely warm. But what when winter will arrive? There are dangers on the tundra they don’t know about. So after a few days Sawyer relents and let them use his brother’s house. Christian won’t be back for a few more weeks, and he just hope the problems will resolve themselves, and she will go back to the big city. And that attraction between them, will come to naught. He is not the marrying kind, especially after he witnessed the disastrous marriage between his parents.
But when every other male in town starts courting Abby he is not happy either. She should not be bothered by them!

I was in the mood for a nice contemporary romance, so I picked a book which has been gathering dust on my shelves for a long time. And I was not disappointed in it. I liked the descriptions of live in a small Alaskan town, and the people living there.

Abby was a good woman, who has had a hard life and a bad marriage. She is ready to start over, to own her own land. And the fact that it is worthless and way out of town doesn’t deter her when she finds out, although she is disappointed. She just makes the best of what she does have. She likes Sawyer, even though he is gruff and tries to make her leave. But she is not interested in marriage either, even though he thinks it is what she wants. She came for the job they offered her, and the chance to build a new life.
Sawyer fell so hard for Abby, it was fun to watch. Of course he had no idea what was happening as he has never been in love before. But how he reacted to the other men who paid attention to Abby, he was so jealous. And Sawyer is so incapable of talking about his feelings or his wants, he kept putting his foot in his mouth, making Abby angry with him.
But he is also very nice to her children, and I loved those parts too.

A nice and sweet contemporary romance, I do recommend it. I am looking forward to the next book, featuring his older brother Charles.

7 stars.

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This book is to be re-released as a paperback on May 1, 2013. So if you want to start reading this series, you are in luck.

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  1. sounds like a neat little book. I have some books by this author, but haven't read any.

  2. I confess I have books with this kind of covers for years because I really don't want to read them. It's terrible how a cover does everything for me sometimes.

    1. I totally agree with you Melliane, but I was in the mood for a sweet and uncomplicated read. And those are perfect for that.

  3. I read these years ago, while they are a little predictable I enjoyed them, nice review!

    1. Thanks Kim, sometimes you are just in the mood for something easy.