vrijdag 14 juni 2013

International Street Team

While at the Love Letter Convention in Berlin, Germany, last month, the amazing Cherry Adair asked me to become a part of her street team. Of course I would love to be a part of that, but practically, I had no idea how I could help her, living in the Netherlands as I do. Her books are not for sale in the brick and mortar shops here. So I declined.
Last week though, I had to go to a real brick and mortar book store and I asked if they would be willing to make room for promotional bookmarks and such.
The manager told me she would love to, as they have a lot of English reading clients. And they do order a lot of English (romance) books for them.

So, dear author, do you want to increase your international reading audience? Would you be willing to ship bookmarks and such over the ocean to promote your books? Then I am certainly willing to visit some bookshops in my fair city to distribute the goodies (and keep one for myself of course!). There are different brands of bookstores in my city, near where I work, so I could easily visit four of those regularly.

You can contact me at auriansbooks at gmail dot com so we can discuss details.

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